Thanks to readers and Penjing update

It is time once again to thank you readers for… well.. several things.

First, I repeat my gratitude to those of you who voted for WDTPRS on the Blogger’s Choice Awards.  WDTPRS came in first, as you may recall.  Your support keeps the Catholic blogs at the top of the "religion" categories in these award sites.

BTW.. wasn’t I supposed to get a Veyron for winning one of these things?  Hmm…

Second, many thanks to those of you who have used the donation button on the side bar and some other posts, such as the PODCAzT entries.  Your support is more important than you probably realize.  Not only is it a great boost psychologically, but it also is helping to take care of some other necessary things. 

Third, some of you have used the wishlist recently.  When I returned to the Sabine Farm from my recent trip the east coast and then Kansas City, I found a couple boxes waiting for me with goodies inside.  First, thanks to JH of MN for the copy of Politics and the Order of Love: An Augustinian Ethic of Democratic Citizenship by Eric Gregory.  Not, perhaps, entertaining reading, but the book should be useful.  Thanks!

Also, sincere gratitude goes "down under" to SS of NSW.  SS of NSW sent a box with all sorts of little boxes inside, all wrapped up.  I will save them for later this evening.  I will probably have to lift my spirits after what is probably going to be a nightmare session at the dentist today to address a pretty serious problem.  Grrr.  These will do the trick, I think.


On my return to the Sabine Farm, I found that Irohamomiji is still clinging to a single leaf.  Pretty dismal.

Penjing has also dropped a bunch of leaves, but there is new growth also. 

Here is penjing with the newest amazon arrival.

And near my workspace to get the little sun this late time of the year can offer.

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  1. tony says:

    That’s a nice stack of books you have there.

  2. tony: It’s growing, too.

  3. Happy birthday, Father Z! Hope it was lovely!

  4. Tomás López says:

    I see Michael Davies’s “Pope John’s Council” on the stack. Do you already have the previous and subsequent volumes (“Cranmer’s Godly Order” and “Pope Paul’s New Mass,” respectively)? If not, I will send them to you.

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