White House lighted pink for breast cancer awareness

Did anyone see the remarkable images of the White House illuminated with pink light to highlight breast cancer awareness?

First Lady Laura Bush, a class act, has made this an issue for this month of October.


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  1. Fr. Gary V. says:

    Red light + Yellow light = Pink light?

  2. kelly says:

    No, I don’t see any remarkable images. What do you see? :)

  3. Jane says:

    My 32 year niece is suffering from breast cancer. Please say a prayer for her to be healed.

  4. Jack says:

    Jane, I’ll do that right now :)

  5. Brendan Downunder says:

    She’s just so lovely. That captivating southern accent alone. America should be very proud of its First Lady. And what a wonderful Catholic she’d make!

  6. Vincenzo says:

    Jane wrote:

    “My 32 year niece is suffering from breast cancer. Please say a prayer for her to be healed.”


  7. Gerard E. says:

    Laura Bush has been a positively exemplary First Lady. She leaves very large Jimmy Choos to fill.

  8. Lynne says:

    I love Mrs. Bush and I’m pleased that the press release didn’t mention the Susan G Komen Fund which contributes money to Planned Parenthood. I’ll be happy when ‘they’ (the FDA, etc.) admit that use of the Pill contributes to breast cancer.

    Also praying for Jane’s niece…

  9. opey124 says:

    No I didn’t. If they are promoting the Susan G. Koeman foundation as are all the “pink” stuff in the grocery stores, I will pass and make donations elsewhere. (praying for Jane’s neice)

  10. Lynn said, “the press release didn’t mention the Susan G Komen Fund which contributes money to Planned Parenthood.”

    Greta interviewed Mrs. Bush last night and she indeed did bring up the Komen Foundation. I am sure it is on the Fox website in transcript or video in On The Record.

  11. Mila says:

    Praying for Jane’s niece. Please pray also for my niece, 39 and with two little girls, who is suffering with metastatic breast cancer. May God have mercy on both of them and all others suffering with this disease.

  12. Sawyer says:

    Coloring the White House pink for breast cancer awareness is tacky, wrong, and sets a worrisome precedent. Now what’s to stop Michelle Obama from coloring the White House like a rainbow to celebrate the repeal of DOMA or the passage of a federal marriage equality act or the National Day of Silence. The administration displayed very poor judgment on this one.

  13. Boko says:

    This is so important that I’ll say it a third time: The Susan Komen Foundation seems to have a stranglehold on collecting money to fight breast cancer, and they give some of that fungible money to support Planned Parenthood.

  14. Mary in CO says:

    Boko, thanks for that heads up. There are other research groups that can use those donations, such as the Breast Cancer Prevention Institute (which acknowledges the connection between abortion and breast cancer).

    Jane and Mila, am praying for your nieces and their families. May they know God’s comfort, strength and healing.

  15. Jane says:

    Thank you to the people who are praying for my neice to be healed of breast cancer. Mila I will also pray for your neice to be healed also.

  16. Tobias says:

    Isn’t Laura Bush a public and vocal proponent of “safe sex”? I find it hard to call someone like that a “class act.”

  17. Tobias says:

    Also, she is on record saying that she doesn’t think that Roe v. Wade should be overturned, nor that same-sex marriage should be “politicized.”

  18. I am so tired of people dumping on something because somewhere somehow there was a flaw. Bye Tobias!

  19. Susan Larmour says:

    You shouldn’t have given your opinion of Mrs. Bush as a ‘class act’ in the introduction of this story if you didn’t want people ‘dumping’ on it. And then to call names??
    Mrs. Bush is pro-Roe v Wade. Mrs. Bush has worked for years with the Komen Foundation in Dallas. The fact that she dresses nicely and speaks sweetly does not belie the fact that she is as much a part of the problem as any other pro-abortion individual – even more so actually because of her position.
    Having a pink White House did nothing for the 4400 babies aborted that day in the United States alone.

  20. Tobias says:

    Hah! Thanks, Susan Larmour. First, my comments were relevant, as the particular anti-breast-cancer foundation Mrs. Bush was promoting (apparently, from what I’ve read here) funds Planned Parenthood. So the First Lady’s quite unclassy position on abortion is relevant to this particular event. Secondly, there were several gushing comments above about how “exemplary” the First Lady is and how she’d make such “a wonderful Catholic.” Well, when comments such as these are made, it is perfectly appropriate to set the record straight: her *public support* — as First Lady — for “safe sex” is not only not exemplary and incompatible with Catholicism, it is obscene. When Michelle Obama is the First Lady (which I do not want, but which I think is probable), no doubt a number of Mrs. Bush’s admirers will denounce Mrs. Obama’s promotion of safe sex and her support for legalized abortion. And I’m sure that Mrs. Obama will also promote this same anti-breast cancer/pro-abortion foundation — heck, I would not be surprised if Mrs. Bush came out of “retirement” to join Mrs. Obama so as to provide a “united front” against breast cancer. Mrs. Bush may be “so lovely,” have a “captivating” accent, generally behave herself, etc., but she is a she-wolf in sheep’s clothing.

    The message is unpleasant — even the Republican First Lady promotes moral degeneracy (never mind any good that will come to victims of breast cancer, including my aunt). So, her “classiness” is pretty superficial, I think it’s fair to say. Don’t shoot the messenger.

    But I know I’m not welcome here, Fr. Z., so I don’t plan to come back around — let this be my last post here. And with that dramatic flourish, I bid you adieu!

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