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Do you remember my review of Charbel Vestments?

I received this from fellow who is involved with this new initiative:

Dear Father,
Please find some time to visit our new website :
We need a favour from you – Could you write something (a short paragraph or a few lines) for us to post under Customer Testimonials?
Business is going very slow – Therefore, our dalmatic, cope, and embroidered St. Philip Neri style Chasuble projects will have to be delayed. So far, customers have been very satisfied with our products, but I guess the brand awareness is still not there.
Please help us spread the good word of CharbelVestments; we will be forever grateful.

Their vestments are beautiful, of good materials, and well made.

They are certainly dignified. 

They would cost far less than may other embroidered vestments I have seen.  Far less.

These vestments could be good a good choice for TLM communities getting their start as well as for parishes who want to present the Novus Ordo in continuity with our Roman Tradition.

It strikes me that these folks have very good will, good skills, the right vision, a worthy project and, what is more, they seem truly to love the Church and her liturgy.

I am very happy they will also do the dalmatics and "Philip" cut.

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  1. SMJ says:

    I hope that Mons. Marini hear about them!

  2. FatherAJ says:

    Charbel perhaps should try to get into the church goods catalogs. Roman vestments have reappeared as have black vestments of all kinds in these books. If that is not possible, perhaps they could try to become allied with one of the bigger vestment makers who could market Charbel’s products.

  3. Fr. BJ says:

    I wouldn’t mind buying a decent cope but I have yet to find one that I like in the online shops. So many of them look cliche (in terms of those that are supposed to be of an older style), or are ugly and modern. I do hope that Charbel will expand its line of copes.

  4. Barb says:

    Those vestments are breathtaking!

  5. Wilf says:

    Just splendid!

    But I’m curious, what exactly is the difference between Low Mass Vestments and High Mass Vestments?

  6. Derik says:

    The Latin Mass Community at my parish has already a full set of vestments (not in silk). There may be however, priests who would like to purchase a set of vestments, but do not have enough money. I wish it was possible to help them with some donations.

  7. Wilf,

    A Low Mass set consists of just the vestments needed to celebrate Low Mass, ie Maniple, Stole, Chasuble, Chalice Veil and Burse.

    A High Mass set adds to these the vestments required for the Deacon and Sub-Deacon, ie 2 Maniples, Diaconal Stole, Dalmatic and Tunicle.

    An absolutely complete High Mass set would add a matching Cope (for the Asperges) and Humeral Veil (for the Sub-Deacon to wear from the Offertory to the Pater Noster.

  8. Charbelvestments says:

    Just a little correction to Vernon;

    A High Mass Set consists of every item in a Low Mass Set (i.e. Chasuble, Stole, Maniple, Burse & Chalice Veil) with the addition of a matching Cope.

    A Solemn High Mass Set consists of every item in a High Mass Set, with the addition of 2 Dalmatics, 2 more maniples, a Deacon Stole and a Humeral Veil. (Due to practical reasons, many vestment-makers do not manufacture a Tunic but another Dalmatic instead)

  9. Andrew says:

    I note that NLM has an advertisement from Charbel. Prayers and best wishes for their success.

  10. I think the most beautiful vestments are by Trdetinum-but I fear they have closed their business.Vae mihi!

  11. Maybe not.I cannot access Tridentimen website and their e-mail is returned .But I can get to their website through NLM.Puzzling.

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