Flint, MI: Brick by… big brick – 15 Feb

Great new from a reader:

Bishop Earl Boyea will celebrate his first Extraordinary Form
Mass as Bishop of the Diocese of Lansing, Michigan on Sunday,
February 15 at 4:00 PM at All Saints Church in Flint. All Saints is
located one block east of I-75, at the Pierson Road exit, north of
downtown Flint. The Mass will be a Pontifical Low Mass, as he
was accustomed to celebrating at St. Josaphat Church in Detroit. Music will
be supplied by the Assumption Church-
Windsor choir(Windsor, Ontario).

Source – http://www.detroitlatinmass.org/jospht/010409.pdf

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  1. No surprises there. Bishop Boyea regularly rotated in at St. Josaphat in Detroit which had the indult before Summorum Pontificum.

    Fr. Perrone use to travel with choir to that parish once yearly to celebrate the usus antiquior, or to direct the choir if someone else was celebrating.

  2. …clarification of the above…

    Fr. Perrone traveled to All Saints in Flint on a yearly basis before Summorum Pontificum. It is a nice traditional parish and unfortunately, I missed going both times I was in choir. I believe the parish wanted the chant and choir. I know the one year Father was celebrating there, you could see the joy on his face.

    Bishop Boyea is a good friend to those who like the usus antiquior.

  3. New Year greetings Father and fraternal felicitations to Michigan!

    Please pray for us Limeys as we continue to endure our long wait for the Westminster announcement. May the Holy Father finally send us the really huge brick we so badly need.

  4. magdalene says:

    Michigan, in addition to its economic woes, has had GREAT spiritual woes and battles too. The fallout of faith is beyond count in this once so very Catholic state. There have been many less than stellar shepherds, shall we say. And the sheep follow.

    Now, at long long last, things may begin to slowly turn around but the damage took years and so will the turn around perhaps. But perhaps not…maybe those who have remained faithful will be able to quickly reassimilate to the truths of the faith.

    I have many relatives in this state. In one diocese, when visiting, it was so difficult to find a ‘safe’ Mass.

  5. Bridget says:

    We’ve been praying for the EF to come to our diocese within a reasonable driving distance. (Preferably our own parish. LOL) This is another hopeful sign in a series of small, hopeful signs lately! Thank you for posting about it!

  6. mysticalrose says:

    This is great news. The Michigan dioceses are really the worst I have ever encountered, particularly Saginaw. I genuinely thought that I mistakenly walked into a protestant Church — and this happened at three different churches in the diocese! No pews, folding chairs, and a giant projector screen behind the altar — it was atrocious. I have always remembered Michigan in my prayers since then. Brick by brick, indeed.

  7. William says:

    Has the Diocese of Saginaw changed any under Bishop Carlson? My parish annually distributes “litte devotional books” published by the Diocese of Saginaw and I’ve rejected them for years–are they safe to read now?

  8. Diane says:

    Between Boyea, Carlson and now Vigneron, Southeast Michigan will really make a shift. Gradually, more and more parishes will get aligned with Rome in every respect, but it will take time as the hippy-value priests retire and take the Sr. Chittisters with them.

  9. Angelo says:

    I was just told that a priest in the Indianopolis Diocese, about 35 outside of Crane, Indiana will be offering The Mass within the month.

  10. LHansen says:

    I have a friend who is a seminarian in Saginaw, and he has nothing but good things to say. I can’t speak to the devotionals, because I haven’t examined them.


  11. Grand Rapids poster says:

    Great news. Now if we can just migrate this enthusiasm over to the Diocese of Grand Rapids, where I am.

  12. Gavin says:

    Hadn’t Bp. Boyea had his first Mass in Flint a while ago? Like back in August? I could have sworn I’ve heard about it before.

  13. Paul S. says:


    Bp. Boyea’s first Mass as Ordinary was scheduled and canceled twice. See http://detroitlatinmass.com/jospht/112308.pdf for coverage of the second cancellation.

  14. AlexB says:

    Bishop Boyea had to reschedule his Mass in Flint twice over the last several months, due to unforseen obligations that popped up. So this will indeed be his first TLM as Ordinary of Lansing.

    The situation in the Detroit area, including Windsor, Canada right across the river, are actually pretty good post-MP. We have 10 TLM sites in the Archdiocese of Detroit (9 more than pre-MP), plus one in Windsor (Diocese of London). There are four OF Latin Mass sites as well. Most of these are in beautiful, historic, unwreckovated churches. Most have good if not great music programs. Volunteers from one site often help out at other sites. There is a strong sense of enthusiasm and dedication to restoration of sound liturgy.

    Speaking of Bishop Boyea, the new St. Josaphat Blog just happens to feature a photo of him in the header: http://stjosaphat.wordpress.com/

  15. Christbearer316 says:

    It’s about time! I attend St. Thomas Aquinas in East Lansing, right next to MSU and a very heretical student “parish.” Those of us who favor tradition had high hopes for Bishop Boyea but have since been very dissappointed with him. I’m happy to see he is finally living up to the reputation that preceded him.

  16. TJM says:

    Christbearer, what did you expect? Heresy trials, excommunications? Just like any leader, Bishop Boyea needs time to assess his new situation. I’m sure
    he’ll act appropriately when the time is right. Keep the Faith, Tom

  17. Rober says:

    Ditto the previous comment about the Diocese of Grand Rapids. We have two parishes in GR itself where you can get the TLM (one on Sunday and the other on Monday) but man, the EMHC’s are everywhere, the music is usually the happy-clappy stuff, I haven’t seen an altar rail yet (well, I did when I was a Lutheran (ELCA, too!!) but now – nope), I even hear the permanent diaconate has been put on hold. Frankly, the beauty of the worship was usually much higher at my old ELCA church – thankfully I now get the True Presence and that outweighs everything else.

    Still, more bricks and faster, please.

  18. Christbearer316 says:

    No, I did not expect “Heresy trials, excommunications” but to expect a bishop who is more than familiar with the Lansing diocese to reign in the wayward and heretical parishes isn’t too much to ask. Isn’t that the job of a bishop? To safeguard the faith and be the guarantor of authentic magisterial teaching? To be a herald of the faith? It’s not like he was ordained yesterday and has to figure out how things work. For those of you who don’t know, Bishop Boyea was an auxillary bishop in the archdiocese of Detroit for a good long while. He should have pretty good idea of how things are supposed to run. But maybe that’s expecting too much these days.

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