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Follow-up: Ad Orientem in Ann Arbor, MI – a priest reacts

Subsequent to my posting about the initiative of Fr. Gerald Gawronski at Old St. Patrick’s in Ann Arbor, MI to "re-orient" his parish worship. In their parish bulletin the decision to celebrate ad orientem versus was discussed.  In this, it … Read More

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QUAERITUR: covering relics when the Bl. Sacrament is exposed

From a reader: Is it still rubrical for reliquaries to be covered when the Sanctissimum is exposed?  The old rubrics call for it, I believe.   So, this is about what to do in the newer, post-Conciliar forms of liturgical … Read More

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QUAERITUR: follow-up to “kissing the ring of a bishop”

Taking up issue of kissing a bishop’s ring, which we have look at before, this is from a reader: I wanted to add a few comments about kissing a bishop’s ring outside of the liturgy.  Technically there is no hard … Read More

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Canada: ramifications of the Crown losing a polygamy case

This worrisome bit came in from a friend: Gentlemen, I used to tell my students that after "gay marriage", the next social/legal barrier to crumble in the West will be against polygamy. The students looked at me incredulously. But I … Read More