Just kidding.

But we will have a wonderful Full Moon!

Space Weather News for Jan. 9, 2009

APPROACHING COMET: [AARRRGHHH!]  Comet Lulin (C/2007 N3), discovered in 2007 by a collaborative team of Taiwanese and Chinese astronomers, is swinging around the sun and approaching Earth. The photogenic comet has a bright tail and an "anti-tail" visible in mid-sized backyard telescopes.  At closest approach in February, Comet Lulin is expected to brighten to naked-eye visibility. Visit for sky maps, pictures and more information.

NEW SUNSPOTS:  For the second time this week, a sunspot is coalescing on the surface of the sun.  The spot’s high latitude and magnetic polarity identify it as a member of new Solar Cycle 24; its appearance continues a recent trend of gradually intensifying new-cycle solar activity.  The spot is growing rapidly and may soon provide a nice target for backyard solar telescopes.

FULL MOON ALERT!  This weekend’s full Moon is the biggest and brightest of 2009. It’s a "perigee Moon" as much as 50,000 km  closer to Earth than other full Moons we’ll see later this year.   Perigee moonlight shining through icy winter air can produce beautiful halos, coronas, moondogs and other atmospheric optics phenomena.  Sample photos are featured on today’s edition of

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  1. petticoat junction says:

    Clearly, this all means the end of the world.

    And it’s also related to all those ominous warnings for January that all the global leaders were talking about when Obama got elected.

    No wonder the History Channel has been running those shows this week about the Apocalypse – get everyone in the proper mindset.

    How lucky we all are, though, out of all the generations that ever lived, to get to witness the eschaton occur before our very eyes!

  2. KK says:

    And it’s Bush’s fault.

  3. Francesco says:

    KK, you’re so right. If only Bush would have signed the Kyoto Protocol, this (and hurricanes, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tornados, and tsunamis around the world) would not be happening.

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