Good morning WDTPRSers!

Good morning!

It’s time for strong coffee… black.

I am hoping we will have some good news today, not just the usual rot we hear about.

The moon was amazing this morning.

I caught it as it was going into a cloud bank rising from the west.

Last night we had thick fog.

And with a flash!

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Fr. Z is the guy who runs this blog. o{]:¬)
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  1. Ed Casey says:

    Morning, Father. Thanks for those great images. We near the cities need to be reminded of the beauty that’s masked so much of the time. How true also of the Church. Yet the well of beauty in His creation is never dry.

  2. Tom K says:

    Good morning, have a great day.

  3. I am not Spartacus says:

    I am hoping we will have some good news today, not just the usual rot we hear about.

    Here is some good (great) news.

    Bishop Barbarito (Palm Beach Diocese, Fl) sent two priests to The Canons of St. John Cantius to be trained in the MEF.

    The First Sunday of Lent, one of those priests, Fr. Nelson, will offer the Missa Cantata at 2:00 P.M. St. Patrick Church in Palm Beach Gardens, Fl.

    A Gregorian schola (created by Michael O’Connor)

    will perform at the Mass.

    If this can happen in The Diocese of Palm Beach, it can happen anywhere.

    Thanks be to God, Our Sweet Jesus on Earth, Pope Benedict, Bishop Barbarito, Fr. Nelson, Dr. O’Connor and all Christians whose love of The Immemorial Mass and its Sacred Music has resulted in the fruition of what I had long thought to be irrational seeds of hope.

    Jesus makes all things new.

    Dr. O’Connor has my promise I will join his Latin Mass society when it is formed so as to promote the MEF, raise money for vestments etc.

    As you say, Fr. brick by brick….

  4. Mike E says:

    Wow… The moon looks really cool, nice pic…… *yawn* Good morning! I think it’s time for some strong black coffee for me, too!

  5. I am not Spartacus says:

    Oops. I forgot to add this link re. The Gregorian schola

  6. Lourdes says:

    Good morning, Father, and all! So glad to hear the news about Bishop Barbarito and Palm Beach. He’s from our Brooklyn diocese. Hoping his attitude will travel back to us and we’ll get the TLM out of the cemetery one day!

  7. DebbieInCT says:

    Good morning Father Z.! Thank you for being here. (That’s such a common, little sentence but I type it, and mean it,
    with great sincerity.)

  8. Tomas says:

    Father, you are truly blessed to live in such a place.

  9. Tomas says:

    By the way, Father, somehow I imagine howling wolves and coyotes going with these scenes – got any?

  10. Liz F. says:

    Good Morning, Father! Sometimes I can’t sleep with worry about our country and the direction it seems to be headed in, but I love waking up to a new day with hope and the knowledge that Good will triumph in the end. Your photos are beautiful. I love the cooking lessons as well. God bless!

  11. PMcGrath says:

    You know, when I saw that headline in my Live Bookmarks, I thought Father was going to take on the role of Captain Corcoran from HMS Pinafore

    Father Z: I am in reasonable health, and happy to meet you all once more!
    Readers: You do us proud, sir!

    Then he would let us know how great things are on the HMS Sabine Farm

    Father Z: I am the Captain of the Sabine Farm
    Readers: And a right good Cap’n, too …

  12. ssoldie says:

    And a very good morning to you, Fr Z, How very beautiful,what a wonderful way to start the day, Hot coffee w/ cream.

  13. q7swallows says:

    The songbirds here on the Left Coast are heralding the changing of the guard as that same strong
    moon begins her “descent” to the Pacific. Blessed be God! Blessed be His Holy Name!
    And thanks be to God that there is a TLM this morning to attend. Praying for good news with the
    realization that we already know the ultimate outcome of the game.

  14. I am hoping we will have some good news today, not just the usual rot we hear about.

    What kind of good news, I wonder. (I see the current anti-spam word is pontificum.)

    I might also resort to the fait accompli to get things done.

    Hmm …..

  15. Tomas: Wolves? Only those who visit the comboxes.

  16. W. Schrift says:

    It’s siesta time already here in Rome. Una bella mattina americana, Father!

  17. Scott says:


    Beautiful picture of the moon. Don’t you mean it was in the East? :)


  18. Scott: On my planet the moon usually sets toward the West. On your planet is it different? o{]:¬)

  19. irishgirl says:

    Buon giorno to you too, Fr. Z!

    I love your pictures-it looks very peaceful in your part of the world.

    I live on a hill, so I saw the clouds covering the full moon last night. I also kept my inside lights off so i could see it better.

    You are very blessed to be living so close to God’s creation!

  20. KCLo says:

    Hi Father:

    For those in the Northern Idaho and Spokane WA area, we have an Extraordinary Form-only parish with the approval of our Bishop that is staffed by priests of the FSSP. Check out our website and tell your friends!

  21. Russ says:

    Thanks for the pictures Fr. Z.

    There is something magical about winter nights. Beautiful yet just a
    hint of lonelinelss in the ambiance.

  22. J Kusske says:

    Happy Lantern Festival to you!

  23. Gloria says:

    It’s late for my usual morning look-in; but the pictures are wonderful. We have a sunny morning, with ice crystals on the snowy roofs shining like diamonds. We had snow day before yesterday here at the 2500 foot level in the Sierra foothills. Some still lingers in patches and more (and a heavier dose)is expected in the next couple of days. Rain is forecast for later today and the birds are madly storing up. The goldfinches are back and the nyger needs replenishing. The juncos, white-crested sparrows and house finches are at the mixed feed. Two nuthatches just raided the hulled peanut feeder I keep for acorn woodpeckers and scrub and stellar jays. Towhees are scratching about on the ground for what falls, and a gray squirrel has taken over the black oil sunflower seed ground feeder. When they get this busy, I think I had better get to the store and do some stocking up myself. My little retirement village home is not out in the country, but I manage to bring the country to me. Deer sometimes wander down our streets, as well.

  24. Melanie says:

    The pictures are truly beautiful. I love taking pictures of the Lord’s creation(s), one simple thing that brings me closer to God and His love.
    Thank you!
    Many Blessings,

  25. Scott says:

    *Scott: On my planet the moon usually sets toward the West. On your planet is it different? o{]:¬)*

    :) No, but I thought you said it was morning.


  26. Scott: That shot of the moon, above, is indeed a morning shot. The moon is setting… in the morning… in the West. Almost exactly west, actually.

    I can where the confusion might come in. The cloud back was rising from the west, not the moon.

  27. I love your photos and live cam shots of your wintery yard. I lived in Fargo and in Minnesota for about 15 years. Are you somewhere near St. Paul? It’s very beautiful there.

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