Jewish leader: “the full story has not been told”

Some sanity is starting to come to the surface.

Check this from Zenit:

On Jewish-Catholic Relations: Press "Got It Wrong"

Jewish Leader Considers Future If Schism Isn’t Healed


Salient quotes:

Gary Krupp, founder and president of the Pave the Way Foundation, an organization dedicated to bridging gaps between religions, affirmed that "the full story has not been told […]; the media got it wrong."

Krupp observed: "The media often focuses on one action without researching the details. This omission has made headlines, fueled a controversy and promoted negativity."

Krupp said he found that Vatican actions "typically do not concern themselves with years, but rather with centuries."

Krupp concluded by asking, "Should we allow the bizarre statements and beliefs of this one man, and media omissions, [to] damage Jewish-Catholic dialogue, which has consistently been highlighted as a major focus for the Catholic Church and this papacy?"

He answered, "We say no!"


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  1. Martin says:

    “the media got it wrong.”

    How is this possible?

    I don’t understand!

    It was on television, ergo it must be true.


  2. I applaud the Jewish rabbis who are coming to defense of truth.

    That said, it is abundantly clear to me now that there is no longer anything Bishop Williamson can do to suddenly make himself qualified for episcopal authority within the Catholic Church. I do hope and pray that SSPX is reunited with Rome, but I can’t see anyway that reunion can include this lunatic. I’ve written about it here:

  3. Kradcliffe says:

    I am sorry to be a negative Nelly, but I don’t think this will do any good. The main headlines gave the impression of “Hitler Youth Pope Reinstates Holocaust Denier” and there won’t be the same level of attention paid to the contrary.

    The MSM is only interested in maligning the Catholic Church. Any chance to embarrass the Church is seized, and the motive is so that people can feel just fine about abortion or whatever. I don’t know how many times I’ve heard people say “The Church/Pope has no business talking about morality, after the way they X,Y, and Z.”

    That’s what the public wants to hear and that’s all they’re going to get.

  4. Kradcliffe says:

    Father: I may have just missed it, but you haven’t posted anything about the Vatican telling Williamson he must recant if he wants to be reinstated as a bishop. It’s reported in the news (which sorta contradicts my earlier comment).

  5. Fringe reporters writing for fringe rags are — how to say it? — on the fringe.

    The sanity was always there. I say that it is no surprise at all that there is some sanity. Of course there is!

  6. memoriadei says:

    The world seems to be paved with gossip…the more the better. It’s like a fever. It seems more that people had issues with SSPX and waited for one thing to just go crazy with. And the bishop gave them the fuel. Certainly blown out of proportion without much trust in our Holy Father to get right on it to repair it. Did you notice that no one mentions the martyrs Catholics have had…I mean, we don’t say “well, ya did we!” tee hee. Anyway, I’m thrilled that Jewish leaders are starting to help stop this. Thank you, God, Amen.

  7. Confiteor says:

    The Pope’s lifting the ban of excommunication has effectively only opened a door whereby this radical right wing conservative group — with an estimated over 1,000,000 devotees in number — may only just begin to talk to Vatican officials to eventually be brought back to the mainstream Catholic beliefs […].

    Beliefs such as that the Jewish people need not convert to Jesus Christ in order to be saved?

    Don’t count on it!

    Gary Krupp’s comments are more than a little condescending.

  8. nw says:

    I wouldn’t say condescending…he seems to mean well. Note that “the Jewish founder explained that his organization researched the matter “in depth, and inquired with Vatican officials in Rome and knowledgeable experts in canon law, in order to have a clear picture of what was done and why it was done.”

    If what he says is really what he was told, he’s been misled. The first part is clearly false…the excommunicated bishops had been quite welcome at the negotiating table nearly ten years ago without the excommunication being lifted. As for the second part–Would bishop Rifan agree? Fr. Aulagnier? Perhaps the rest of the response following the ellipses might explain.

  9. EDG says:

    Perhaps some of the Jewish authorities are realizing how they have been manipulated by the media. They have also been manipulated by politicians. Witness, for example, the idiotic and hysterical letter sent by the mostly 100% NARAL rated “Catholic” US congressmen. In the case of the US, this was clearly politically manipulated as pay-back for the Church’s opposition to Obama’s positions. Incidentally, Obama’s rabid attack dog, Rahm Emmanuel, lives in the basement mother-in-law apartment in Rep Rosa DeLauro’s DC home. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that she was the one to organize the letter assault.

  10. Paul Haley says:

    An Open Letter to His Holiness, Pope BenedictXVI February 5, 2009

    Your Holiness,

    Many of us who were hoping and praying for a reconciliation between the FSSPX and the Holy See were heartened by your recent action in having the excommunications remitted by decree of the Congregation of Bishops. This action, coupled with the Motu Proprio, Summorum Pontificum, gave us hope that the separation that had existed since 1988 would soon finally cease to exist and Catholics desiring to receive sacraments at FSSPX venues could do so with a clear conscience. Many of us attend the Traditional Latin Mass and have sympathy for our brothers and sisters in the Faith who attend the Mass at FSSPX locations. We are dismayed to hear of statements that one could satisfy one’s Sunday Mass obligation at FSSPX locations but not receive the sacraments of Penance or Holy Eucharist at those same locations because the FSSPX priests lacked jurisdiction or faculties from the local Ordinary. This seemed to us to be a non sequitur and we had hoped that the discussion between Bishop Fellay and representatives of the Holy See would resolve such a dilemma. This dilemma is faced by ordinary lay Catholics whose only desire is to practice their Faith in accord with Tradition which, if we may say so, to us means according to what he Church has always taught, held and professed to be true. Should not this be the primary standard for the practice of the Faith?

    Over the past week or so a firestorm has arisen over remarks made by Bishop Williamson of the FSSPX over his private views if holocaust figures regarding the number of those killed in the death camps. Subsequently, Bishop Williamson apologized for his remarks and Bishop Fellay has publicly admonished him for his lack of prudence, even to the point of restricting him from making any future public statements on such topics, which are inflammatory at best. Bishops Williamson and Fellay have been castigated by press and media reports since then and you have been asked to rescind efforts at reconciliation of the FSSPX as if they were, as a group, responsible for the private views of one man. This man has given his life in defense of the Faith and no matter whether one agrees with his private views or not, one cannot say that he has in any way departed from the Faith. Indeed, one could ask the question why such venomous attacks are being leveled against a man at this point in time when so much is at stake with respect to the salvation of souls, both those within the FSSPX and those without.

    The purpose of this letter is to beg you, as the Vicar of Christ and Head of the Universal Church to put an end via a papal statement to inflammatory rhetoric from clerics and bishops opposed to the reconciliation and to reject all attempts to derail the important discussions between Bishop Fellay and Curia representatives. Indeed, we ask you to grant faculties, even if only on a temporary basis, to the bishops and priests of the Fraternity for celebration of the sacraments according to the liturgical books in effect in 1962 as the Holy See has done with other traditional orders. It seems to us, Your Holiness, that this action would not only facilitate the discussions but be totally in line with the salvation of souls and a boon to the universal church. It would also indicate in a very certain and public way your personal resolve that the negotiations will not be held hostage to the views of one man.

    It is with the greatest humility and respect for you personally that we beg your intervention in what has become a media farce and firestorm of criticism over the private views of one man. May Almighty God grant you length of days and may the open wounds in the Mystical Body be healed through the prayers and sacrifices of us all. We pray for you every day and for the success of the reconciliation effort and we hope our humble request may receive your paternal attention.

  11. Paul Haley says:

    Re: my previous post – please change …”if holocaust figures” to “of holocaust figures” (2nd para, 2nd line) Thanks and mea culpa.

  12. Credo says:

    Hopefully, the Jewish leaders who publicly bashed the Pope will apologize to him. Many of these “rights” groups are far too reactionary and it makes them look foolish and unprofessional, who can really take them seriously.

    The Jewish leaders would be wise to keep the Catholic Church and the Pope as their allies rather than making us their enemies. Do they really think that the media and secular society would protect them if the Muslims decide to do away with them; we all know what the Muslims think of the Jews. Most of the world would likely run the other way fearing for their own lives, and I have no doubt that it would mainly be the Catholic Church who comes to their defence.

    It’s interesting, I haven’t heard of any Muslim leaders speak out in this ridiculous and fabricated drama.

  13. Sid says:

    After Rabbi Kula an another Jewish leader gets it better than anyone else. Bravo! Read and hear about about Gary Krupp, www[dot]ptwf[dot]org who happens to be a member of the Papal Household.

    Confiteor might do well reading Romans, chapters 9-11, to see the NT’s view of Christian-Jewish relations and Jewish conversion. He might work out St. Paul’s metaphor of grafting. The Jews will be converted, in good time, by The Almighty Himself.

    Paul Haley might do well writing Williamson and urging Williamson, in Paul Haley’s words, “to reject all attempts to derail the important discussions between Bishop Fellay and Curia representatives.”

    Bishop Williamson and his views are now rejected by (1) Bishop Fellay, (2) the Society, (3) the Vatican Secretary of State, (4) Holy Father, and (5) pragmatically by Bishop Williamson himself (“throw me overboard”). Those who continue to support and defend Bishop Williams thus ironically oppose the words and intent of all the five aforementioned.

  14. Breier says:

    As a sign of SSPX progress; all the links to articles referring to Judaism have been removed from the website. Rather late, but hopeful!

  15. Dan says:

    “Should we allow the bizarre statements and beliefs of this one man, and media omissions, [to] damage Jewish-Catholic dialogue…?”

    Of course not. After all, Jews hold the bizarre opinions that Jesus Christ is not the Messiah and the Catholic Church is not the One True Church to which Jews (all each person) is called to join.

    We know that many Jews believe and promote the most vicious lies imaginable regarding Jesus Christ and the Blessed Virgin Mary

    Regarding bizarre opinions that many Jews hold of holy Pope Pius XII, Cardinal Cassidy declared that “Monstrous calumnies…have gradually become accepted facts especially within the Jewish community.”

    Despite the bizarre and sick opinions that many Jews hold regarding Jesus Christ, Our Lady, the Church and holy Pope Pius XII, Catholics haven’t allowed such sickness to derail Catholic-Jewish “dialogue.”

    Therefore, why should Jews allow the opinion of Bishop Williamson regarding gas chambers derail Catholic-Jewish “dialogue”…particularly as the “dialogue” has been mainly one-sided in favor of the Jews…

    …and considering that Bishop Williamson has declared that hundreds of thousands of Jews died at the hands of Nazis and said that he’s open to changing his opinion regarding the gas chambers issue.

  16. Jack says:

    Dogmas of the Faith are known by faith, and faith is a free gift of The Almighty. The facts of Auschwitz are known not by faith but by empirical research.

    Therefore the teaching regarding Our Lord, Our Lady, The Church cannot be compared with empirical facts about the crimes of National Socialism.

    To reject dogmas of the faith means that one hasn’t gotten the free gift of faith. To reject empirical facts is simply stupid. To reject the empirical facts about the Holocaust is both stupid and disobedient to the teaching of the Church on this matter: that Holocaust deniers cannot be good Catholics.

  17. Paul Haley says:

    Comment by Sid — 5 February 2009 @ 9:18 am

    Paul Haley might do well writing Williamson and urging Williamson, in Paul Haley’s words, “to reject all attempts to derail the important discussions between Bishop Fellay and Curia representatives.”

    Bishop Williamson has already been told by Bishp Fellay to avoid making any public statements on such inflammatory topics. Who am I to instruct Bishop Williamson on anything?

  18. I was recently named and inaccurately quoted in an inflamatory article about Bishop Richard Williamson. I have written a response to the article which is germane to this discussion. Please read my response at the following link:

    Dom (Fr.) Daniel Augustine Oppenheimner, CRNJ

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