Soooo… Fr. Longenecker is going after Fr. Z, is he?

I have – with brow furrowed and full of concern – received word that Fr. Dwight Longenecker, for whom I have such great esteem, has decided to toss darts at WDTPRS!

He was wondering aloud if, given that I do not restrict myself to serious subjects only… though how fixing good food isn’t serious I can’t tell, …  if WDTPRS perhaps will next have a fashion section.

Then, he slings yet another barb! After provoking me with the title "King" he then contumaciously posted a photo of himself in a spiffing cappa!

QUAERITUR: Is this anything but a toss of the chiroteca?

Fine…  have it your way!

I too have a cappa.

Here is a shot from a couple years ago on my way to do an Epiphany house blessing.

And please note, Reverend and Dear Father, that I am walking on water in this photo as well.

How about a ferraiuolo?  I trust, Father, that you have one of those too!


In the meantime, please vote for WDTPRS in the Bloggers Choice Awards!

WDTPRS always needs your kind help.

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  1. puella says:

    *grabs popcorn*
    This is serious business, Frs.

  2. Andy K. says:

    And so it begins!

  3. joe says:

    I pray this doesn’t devolve into a duel, something like SuperSoakers filled with Holy Water at 30 paces.

  4. Tim Ferguson says:

    I recall getting ready to sit down for dinner one evening at St. Agnes. Looking out the window, Msgr. Schuler noticed Fr. Buchanan leaving the chapel for his car. He told me, “Run out and ask him to come in for dinner.” I started up the stairs to get my coat (it was in the middle of the Minnesota winter) and Schuler said, “Just go in the closet and toss my cape on.” As I did so, someone else at the table shouted back, “Why would he want to toss your castrated rooster.” Fr. Ince roared about that for days.

    It was quite a privilege to wear Msgr. Schuler’s cloak, if only for a brief task.

  5. dcs says:

    Please note of course that Fr. Z. has the correct headgear and Fr. Longenecker does not.

  6. Luigi says:

    “And please note, Reverend and Dear Father, that I am walking on water in this photo as well.”

    That’s hysterical! : )

  7. Bet Father Longenecker doesn’t own a Bugatti Veyron either!

    (Well, neither do you, Father, but just trying to level the playing field!)


  8. Tim: Fr. Schuler’s Name-Day is tomorrow, St. Richard.

  9. Cathy: You had to remind.

    Where is that thing, anyway? I need new wheels!

  10. Evelyn says:

    Fr L might not have the correct headgear, but with that cowboy hat and a low-res screen, he looks just like Chuck Norris. So you better watch out, and just in case go reread that section from Savage Chickens!

  11. Andrew, UK and sometimes Canada says:

    Black cloaks…the loony left’s worst nightmare. (myha ha ha!)

    But does either of the good Fathers have buckles on their shoes?

  12. Victor says:

    No Father, he wears a scapular OVER his cassock, he is not into serious dressing up. Just not done old bean.

  13. Ddc says:

    Looks like Fr. L is “selling wolf tickets” and Fr. Z is buying! :p

  14. John Enright says:

    It is to laugh! Ha Ha Ha! Surely, Father is simply jealous.

  15. Brian Day says:

    The first one to post a photo wearing a Spanish biretta wins.

    (And Vincenzo, no helping.:)

  16. Jim says:

    Fr. Z,

    I think he looks like Zorro in that outfit. By the way, Zorro means fox in Spanish. It has another connotation with the feminine ending.

  17. supertradmom says:

    For the trad, food is serious, and clergy fashion is serious. Only liberal priests and liberation theologians deny the true meaning of clothes and food…

  18. Gail F says:

    Can we call you two “Caped Crusaders”?

  19. bryan says:

    Father…if you can stand something a little less ostentatious…I can build you one like on my website…;)

  20. Patricia Gonzalez says:

    Gail, How about the Dynamic Duo???

  21. Fr Edward says:

    “Man fully alive is the Glory of God” – St Irenaeus
    Thats what you’re doing Fr Z… the wholly Incarnational package!
    And its great fun, puts a smile on my face, gives my food for thought and prayer… Just keep doing what you’re doing

  22. Fr Edward says:

    and, I should add…
    you can laugh at yourself, which is half the battle of humility!
    St Philip Neri would think it a riot

  23. Jayna says:

    I do believe, dear Father, that the gauntlet has been thrown.

  24. Holy Cow, PRIEST FIGHT

  25. KK says:

    The game is afoot.

  26. Nan says:

    Is this just a bid to increase subscriptions for Priestwear Daily?

  27. Aelric says:

    Looking at the pictures, I heard Mike Oldfield’s Tubular Bells in my head.

  28. Thanks, Vincenzo! LOL!

    Father: Don’t wait by the door for the UPS guy to pull up with a new car. I’m not Oprah. If my ship, which appears to be teleporting around the world on the “Lost” island, ever comes in with my money, I’ll hook you up!

  29. Aelric says:

    Or ‘photoshop’ one of you in white for a sacerdotal version of Spy vs. Spy

  30. KK says:

    “Priest vs Priest.” Oh this could be good.

  31. Dino says:

    Wonder how this would look on Fr. Erik of Utah, with his rifle.

  32. Allena says:

    HA HA HA.

    Now, seriously, isn’t the world dismal enough for such great laughs as these?

    MORE priest fashion I think.

    Father Z, you have the fashion sachey (sp?) down! I can just see that cape a swayin!

  33. Dwight Longenecker says:

    Did someone doubt that I had proper headgear? Doubters begone! Check my blog for the evidence…

  34. Fr. Longenecker: I see you are now merely attempting to boost your readership.

    Bring on the headgear.

  35. mrsmontoya says:

    perhaps Fr. Z could throw open the chatroom so we can watch the witty reparte in real-time.

  36. RohaiRae says:

    I bet twenty Aves in favor of Fr. Z!

  37. TMG says:

    I’ll tell you Father, I really do love your blog. You have just the right mix of the serious with humor!

  38. Brian Day says:

    I bet twenty Aves in favor of Fr. Z!

    I bet two bars of gold-pressed latinum on Fr. L.

  39. pinoycatholic says:

    Just voted for Fr. Z as Best Religion Blog and Best Blog of all Time!

    Sorry Fr. L. Z got the vote!

    When do we see the lightsabers?

  40. RBrown says:

    For the trad, food is serious, and clergy fashion is serious. Only liberal priests and liberation theologians deny the true meaning of clothes and food…
    Comment by supertradmom

    For anyone from the Latin culture, food is serious. Maybe Fr Longenecker spent too much time in England.

  41. Lori Ehrman says:

    Both of you need your own personal theme song. Rocky (Fr. Z) vs. James Bond (Fr. L)

    If y’all decide to duel you should use light sabers!

  42. California Girl says:


    I went to vote for you in the Blogger’s Choice Awards, but I couldn’t find any listing under “Best Food Blog”. Next year, we’ll have to nominate you there, as well!

  43. frv says:

    Looks great! The only thing that I’d add for Fr. Longnecker is that a Saturno would look better than that hat he has on. As you say, Fr. Z, brick by brick!

  44. Sounds like the blog version of Batman versus Spiderman…

  45. Henry Edwards says:

    Father Z: He was wondering aloud if, given that I do not restrict myself to serious subjects only…

    Given this, I wouldn’t be surprised if Fr. Longenecker went so far as to question whether the great American game of baseball is a serious subject, thereby exposing an ignorance of the profound ritual action of that Most Favored Sport. (However, Fr. Longenecker, if you have the grace to be as serious about baseball as Father Z is, please accept in advance my apology for doubting your instincts regarding what’s really important.)

  46. James II says:

    Father were you auditioning for the role of Batman or something? [Nope. Just the simply role of normal Catholic priest.]

  47. alipius says:

    wouldn’t read too much into it. after all: it’s “blog awards” time!

  48. Lori Ehrman says:

    Ok, I voted for you, it was hard. Another username and password. We all need cad readers like the military. Only one card and no passwords.

  49. irishgirl says:

    I’ll start again….

    I love both pictures!

    Thanks Fr. Z and Fr. Longnecker-I needed a good laugh today!

    ‘PRIEST FIGHT’….light sabers….classic.

    Hey, let’s get Fr. Erik in the mix!

  50. r7blue1pink says:

    This totally made my day!

  51. Rev. Paul L. Vasquez says:

    Fr. Z: (sing song) His cappa is longer than yours is!

  52. Fr. V: It was shortened so that it would be less of a problem in snowy cemeteries. My cloak is practical, not merely decorative… like some priest’s.

  53. RohaiRae says:


  54. Dwight Longenecker says:

    I’m dubious. I used my cloak in snowy and damp cemeteries in England, and never had a problem. Either it shrank in the wash or you took it from a poor dwarf priest you rascal!

  55. Ed says:


    If indeed the gauntlet has been thrown, I fully trust it has all the proper trim and is of the correct liturgical colour for the season/feast.

  56. jarhead462 says:

    Aelric: I had the same thought! Especially the pic of Fr. Z looking up at the house. The power of the cape compels me! ;)

    Semper Fi!

  57. Agnes B.Bullock says:

    So that is what walking on water looks like!!!! Father,you have kept your talents hidden for far too long

  58. irishgirl says:

    I think you mean ‘cloak’, don’t you Fr. Z? You said, ‘clock’….

    I’m with Fr. Edward-I think St. Philip Neri would like this!

  59. Coletta says:

    “Just voted for Fr. Z as Best Religion Blog and Best Blog of all Time!

    Sorry Fr. L. — Z got the vote!

    When do we see the lightsabers?”

    I’m with pinoycatholic.
    It was that Anne Rice interview that swayed my vote.

  60. brian says:

    Fr Z, Fr L was on EWTN in the UK this morning. His new book, ‘Praying the Rosary for Inner Healing,’ sounds a must-buy. But more to the point, he’s probably raised the bar in terms of media prominence! When will we get to see you on EWTN? Surely there must be at least one series of programmes in you!?

    Best wishes


  61. brian: Been there done that, though very briefly. I don’t think the EWTN crowd like me, frankly. Could be wrong. Hope I am!

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