Wymyn whine at Benedict XVI about SSPX excomms being lifted

An reader who must have been cleaning out a cyber-drain alerted me to a whine… er um… post from the wymynpryst types… you know… the deluded.

This is offered both for its amusement factor and to help you understand their mentality.

My emphases and comments.

Roman Catholic Womenpriests call on Pope Benedict to lift the decree of automatic excommunication issued on May 29, 2008 against all in our movement as a gesture of reconciliation and justice toward women in the church. ["reconciliation" perhaps… but "justice"?]  As is well known,  the Congregation for Bishops, instructed by the Pope, removed the excommunication of four traditionist [sic] bishops on Jan. 21, 2009. Therefore, Roman Catholic Womenpriests call on the Pope to lift the decree of excommunication against us. [So… they are acknowledging that they are excommunicated.  They are acknowledging the authority of the Bishop of Rome.  A Bishop of Rome issued Ordinatio sacerdotalis.  This Pope explained how this teaching was infallibe.] This gesture will be a step away from the institutional church’s treatment of women as second-class citizens. We stand firmly in the tradition of Vatican ll which declares:

"Any kind of social or cultural discrimination in basic personal rights on the grounds of sex, race, color, social conditions, language or religion, must be curbed and eradicated as incompatible with God’s design." Gaudium et Spes, art. 29, 2  [Problem: This isn’t social or cultural discrimination.  It is divine discrimination.  And it not discrimination in the sense of unfair treatment, for God cannot be unfair.  It is discrimination in the sense that there are distinctions to be made about what God desires men and women to do in and for the Church.]

No priest pedophiles have been excommunicated.  [So?  That’s has nothing to do with the SSPX or the wymyn]
No bishops who were responsible for their continued placement in parishes after their pedophile history was known have been excommunicated. [So?  That’s has nothing to do with the SSPX or the wymyn]
Theologians who teach and support Vatican II teachings and who support women’s ordination are silenced and/or excommunicated.  [Good.  It has their attention focused, doesn’t it?]
Women ordained as priests are excommunicated.  [Problem: THEY ARE NOT ORDAINED.]
Priests and laity who support women priests are excommunicated.  [I would love a list that we could post.]
Priests who reject Vatican II and who deny the holocaust and who openly deny the full equality of women are "rehabilitated" after earlier excommunication?  [Are they so dense that they don’t understand that acceptance or refusal of Vatican II or any opinion about the Holocaust were NOT the reasons why they were excommunicated?  They were excomm’d because THEY DEFIED THE POPE and were ordained without permission.  Get it?   The Church says no and it means no?!]
What’s wrong with this picture?  [I could ask other questions along those lines.]

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  1. I got nauseated starting right in the first paragraph.

    Still trying to hold my dinner in, I had to abandon reading the rest.

  2. Excuse me while I go vomit.

  3. David says:

    There women clearly have absolutely no idea!!

  4. Cathguy says:

    Interesting little piece.

    The sad thing is it will be effective with many

    These poor women are confused. We need to pray for them.

  5. Sam says:

    I read it to my Husky and he howled in pain. On a positive and personal note, some good has come of the Wymyn Priestess Playgroup… their acceptance at St. John’s Abbey showed me the corruption residing within that monastery before it’s influence could re-program me into a Cafeteria Catholic.

  6. Cory says:

    I knew this was going to come up. Now Pope Benedict seems like a clerk in a welfare office. You now have a line of people who want their “check”, so to speak. Some people, like this group, are so focused on themselves that they lose sight of Christ. The excommunications were lifted because both sides want to take a positive step forward. It’s not to say that the Holy See accepts the SSPX position. It’s the other way around rather. Does this group want to adhere to Rome? Do they want to accept the divine fact that women cannot be priests? Pray for these souls, ardently and profusely.

  7. I knew this was coming. Cory is right. The line forms to the left.

    In any case, “Roman Catholic Womenpriests”, like most dissenters, fail to understand the point. Reconciliation and removal of excommunications on them may also be possible if they were to dialogue with Rome and agree to certain conditions. That said, no way, no how, is one of those conditions EVER going to be recognition that they are validly ordained priests.

    I find it amusing they are even going thru these histrionic motions like they care. They’ve spent years claiming the Pope has no authority over them, now here they are wailing to his authority and asking the Holy Father to release them.

    The SSPX has a better grasp on the authority of the Holy Father than this crowd.

  8. Clinton says:

    That letter was packed with red herrings like sardines in a can. The best they can come up with in their defense is a single line
    cherry-picked from Gaudium et Spes and variations on a theme of non sequitur, followed by an attempt to tar all four SSPX
    bishops with the brush of holocaust denial. I see in this letter a level of intellectual dishonesty and arrogance that does not
    bode well for their eventual reconciliation with the Church.

    What baffles me especially is their complaint that the bishops had their excommunications lifted even though they “openly
    deny the full equality of women”. Are we to understand that for these harpies any excommunicate seeking reconciliation with
    Rome must embrace the heresy of women’s ordination? This coven is not operating in good faith, in every sense of the phrase.

  9. Ad Orientem says:

    Anyone know the Latin for “FAT CHANCE?

  10. Aelric says:

    I do not think that the word “and” means what these wymyn think it means. Let me correct them.

    “Theologians who teach and support Vatican II teachings and who support women’s ordination are silenced and/or excommunicated. “

  11. Margaret C. says:

    I’ve always wondered why these women don’t just turn Episcopalian. They’d be happy and welcome there.

  12. Rob says:

    Similar thing happened in our Diocese of Rochester, NY… An excommunicated married “priest” “ordained” by then Archbishop Millingo is calling for his excommunication to be lifted as well on his blog. And he goes on to say that this would make his ordination licit.

    Geesh, some people just don’t get it.

  13. Maynardus says:

    What’s that I hear in the background?

    “Cuckoo, cuckoo, cuckoo…” (Must be 3 o’clock!)

    Seriously, if these crackpot females would make an approach in sincere humility to Rome – promising to respect the authority of the Holy Father and accept the teachings of Vatican II in light of tradition – they might get their excomms listed too!

    There’s the formula, gals… go to it!

  14. sacerdosinaeternum says:

    The Church says NO and SHE means no! How’s that for justice for women! The Bride of Christ with the authority He has given to Her says women are in no way able to be ordained priests! These women need to know better THE WOMAN- Our Lady- who will teach them humility before the TRUTH of the Church so that they may faithfully adhere to HER teaching!

  15. Jason Petty says:

    I read this on a mensroom wall once: “When they spell it wymyn, they just acknowledge our chromosome.”

  16. Jayna says:

    “…the institutional church’s treatment of women as second-class citizens…”

    I love it when they say stuff like this. And when I say love, I mean it makes me want to physically disabuse them of the notion. How on earth can they claim to speak for all women in the Church? Surely they recognize that they are a minority who have formally broken with the Church and gotten themselves excommunicated (I’m glad they finally got that one through their thick skulls). Who gave them the right to speak for me? I’m a woman in the Church, I don’t feel as though I am treated as a second-class citizen.

    *sigh* These women just don’t get it. All they see is a power struggle. Surely if they actually wanted to be priests (despite the rather crucial fact that they cannot be), they’d realize that isn’t what it’s about.

  17. Happy Apple User says:

    Are they so dense that they don’t understand that acceptance or refusal of Vatican II or any opinion about the Holocaust were NOT the reasons why they were excommunicated?


  18. Are they so dense…?

    Father, these are women who think they’re actually Roman Catholic priests. How much denser can they get?

  19. Hendrik says:

    Have a look here: http://www.priesterinnen.net/bilder_weihe.html (they consecrate “deaconesses” and “priestesses”). They even play with the other sacraments too. If they are deeply convinced to do so, why not converting to protestantism? But this is like beating Jesus in his face, it’s anthropocentrism at his worst. :(

  20. Jess says:

    May the Mother of God be for them an example of true womanhood and intercede for their return to the Holy Church.

  21. Jess says:

    Looking through the German priestess website (I used google translate), it seems the only “sacrament” they don’t perform is Penance/Reconciliation. Very telling.

  22. Scott says:

    What happened to the inquisition?

  23. Andrew, UK and sometimes Canada says:

    “We stand firmly in the tradition of Vatican II”

    …and Vatican II, properly interpreted, stands in the tradition of the eternal Church, which was founded c.33 A.D., not at the second Vatican Council. (Premise 1)

    The tradition of the eternal Church, including a properly interpreted Vatican II, does not permit women priests. (Premise 2)

    Q.E.D., they have misinterpreted tradition and continue to need the MATERNAL correction administered by Holy Mother Church.

  24. Mike T says:

    Father Z.

    Question: What constitutes proper grounds for excommunication?

    I am pretty sure that being wretchedly sinful (like pedophile priests,
    bishops that hide them, or all of the rest of us who acknowledge that
    our sins have rendered us wretched) is not grounds for excommunication.

    Perhaps the persistent intentional teaching of heresy is grounds for
    excommunication, but I don’t think it is necessary. (And it doesn’t
    seem to be sufficient, since my impression is that a number of people
    persistently and intentionally teach heresy without undergoing

    Public, overt defiance of church authority seems to be a necessary

    Anyhow, this seems to be a good teaching moment.

  25. irishgirl says:

    Oy…I didn’t even read the article because I know I would get angry and aggravated at these harpies…I’m typing this in the library.

    These females need to get slapped alongside the head big time!

    Yeah, Scott-what happened to the Inquisition?

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