Accattoli v SSPX

Read Italian?

Luigi Accattoli, Italian journalist, is blasting away at the SSPX bishops.

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  1. Joey says:

    “Questo libro [Introduction to Christianity] era zeppo di eresie, in particolare sosteneva la negazione del dogma della Redenzione”

    I’ve read the book and saw no such negation. The book traces the development of the doctrines in the Apostles Creed; the book does not serve as a mere exposition of the doctrines themselves.

  2. LeonG says:

    Let him blow! The wind is a wasted one.

    In all honesty, one could cite statements and behaviours from NO bishops who have acted contrary to catholic teachings; publicly criticised Pope Benedict XVI and Pope John Paul II and who have virtually condemned, or ridiculed at least, many church positions before the Vatican Councils of the 1960s. We do not need to look any further than the current British episcopate for such ant-Catholic and anti-papal rancour. It is on public record. The virtual incitement to disobedience by the catholic married laity of Humanae Vitae by many bishops and priests stands as a negative testimonial to internal ecclesiastical rebellion against papal teachings and directives. Beat that S.Accatolli. SSPX bishops defend The Roman Catholic Faith. They deserve a legitimate voice too.

  3. I guess I should be glad I dont read that language. Now I cant be too overly offended by him.

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