A question about the Prayer Vigil at Notre Dame Univ.

I understand that there is to be a prayer vigil at the University of Notre Dame as a kind of reparation for the choice to invite one who is the world’s greatest defender and proponent of abortion – who coincidently is also President of the United States.

I wonder if the local bishop, His Excellency Most Rev. John M. D’Arcy of Fort Wayne-South Bend, has been petitioned, perhaps, to consider the concession of an indulgence, even a partial indulgence, for those who participate in such a prayer vigil.

It may be that someone who knows His Excellency might with humility ask if he considers it opportune to consider such a gracious pastoral concession.

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  1. Johnny Domer says:

    I’m a student at ND; I don’t know that any prayer vigil has been officially scheduled. Keep checking up on ndresponse.com for updates on events. We might get a blog started up.

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