A Rosary received

The Rosary will be a great tool of spiritual warfare in the hard times that are surely coming.

Some time ago I received an example of a highly crafted rosaries from Immaculata Rosaries.

Immaculata Rosaries sent another, of a slightly different style, in gold/bronze wire rather than silver.

Here are a few shots.

You will notice the wrapped wire, which makes the rosary very strong as well as smart. 

As I mentioned in the last post, I am not a fan of those little caps on the "Our Father" beads, but you might like them.  The caps add several inches in length I find long rosaries harder to use when, for example, walking… common context for telling ones beads.  But if that is not a concern, then no matter.

They are very well constructed.  I suspect they would last more than one generation, and could be handed on as an elegant, useful family heirloom.

Your rosary may be simple or elegant, … use it.

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  1. Anthony says:

    Thanks for the insight about the wrapped wire. I use a cord rosary right now and I find that they break about once a year… praying too hard?

  2. Ann says:

    Lovely, I need to learn to do those wrapped wire connections so I can mend a couple of my Rosaries that I like very much.

  3. MargaretMN says:

    I had one for 30 years that was a string one which did not have knots between the beads. This was great for keeping track since the beads moved. I took it to the monastery where I originally got it and asked if they could fix it (The knots were beautiful and I felt I could not replicate them). They misunderstood me and took the rosary, fixed it and gave it to someone else. So it’s out there somewhere, hopefully being prayed by someone else. I learned how to make my own. It’s not as fancy but it gets the job done.

  4. William says:

    My Rosary ( Bought at S.Maria Maggiore in Rome) used to break everytime I took it out of my pocket. So, I took heavy steel paper clips, bent them straight, then cut them into the right length and used a pair of pliers to make new links. It never breaks anymore.

  5. miles says:

    I pray and pray the rosary for years but nothing ever happens. Maybe I’ll try these Immaculata rosaries.

  6. Mitchell NY says:

    These Rosaries are quite beautiful..I have a pre Vat II set where the detailing is absolutely gorgeous. The back is marked STE-ANNE-DeBEAUPRE’ and they are stunning..The body of Christ is raised off the cross slightly and then somehow attached at the feet and hands. The beads are wrapped with a silver wire along two sides throughout the set. The crucifix has cut angles on the ends of it that when polished shine like I have never seen and add a striking contrast to the rest of the metal, real silver perhaps..I think they were made to last for decades if not centuries…They are one of my treasures which perfectly articulates craftmanship and artistry that in many of the more modern sets seems lacking.

  7. Cricket says:

    Rosary Workshop.Com also provides OUTSTANDING craftsmanship, beautiful rosaries that are extremely durable. (Unsolicited testimonial: I own several, & have given some others as gifts.)

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