A UK weekly The Universe will now publish TLM info

I received a press release from the Latin Mass Society in the UK.  They are undergoing lots of upheaval right now, but apparently they are still active.

This is about a Catholic weekly in England called The Universe.  Apparently, they are getting on the TLM bus along with The Catholic Herald and even the ultra-lefty weekly The Tablet.

This is firmly in the Brick by Brick Department.

13 March 2009


For Immediate Release

British Catholic Newspaper – The Universe – Introduces Special Weekly Page for Extraordinary Form (Traditional Latin Rite) News

After prompting from the Latin Mass Society of England and Wales, The Universe has introduced a weekly page of news and listings for the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite (Traditional Latin Rite). The page will commence in the issue of Sunday 15 March.

The Universe will also publish the full weekly calendar for the Extraordinary Form. This will be provided each week by Gordon Dimon, the LMS’s Senior MC, who also compiles the LMS’s annual Ordo which is used by priests worldwide.

John Medlin, LMS General Manager, said: “The Universe is obviously moving to catch up with The Catholic Herald which already has wide coverage of Traditional Rite affairs and even the ultra-liberal Tablet which publishes a weekly link to the Traditional calendar on the LMS’s website” (www.latin-mass-society.org).

He went on: “The Universe has dragged its feet for years in relation to the Extraordinary Form so this is good news. I will be asking all the LMS’s Representatives across England and Wales to send stories and pictures to The Universe[Good!  Do it, folks!]

“I think The Universe had found that its core ‘justice and peace’ market was ageing and collapsing and is urgently seeking to connect with younger generations who are developing a great interest in the Traditional Rite. The LMS will do all it can to help!”

Of the weekly Catholic papers in England and Wales, only The Catholic Times is now holding out against the Traditional trend, but apparently changes will soon be underway there as well.

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  1. TJM says:

    I believe some wise man coined a phrase “brick by brick.” It applies here. What wonderful news indeed. Tom

  2. John Enright says:

    Good news, indeed! Wish we had something like that in the US.

  3. Roland de Chanson says:

    Another brick. Good news indeed.

    But there are a couple of bricks still missing from the arch.

    (1) the Pope should celebrate the EF publicly. Frequently.

    (2) he should reiterate his expressed will that the EF be celebrated in every parish. Frequently.

    These bricks are the twin keystones of the arch, lacking which it will fall in ruins. Consilium virium expers mole ruit sua. (pace Horace)

  4. Re. the Universe. It’s all about circulation figures folks! The U. is lagging behind the CH I gather. But it’s good news for the Holy Father and his intentions. The CT will probably fold. It’s so tardy with news anyway.

    As for the ‘Arch’, have faith in Pope Benedict.

  5. noel says:

    This surprises me. I had always thought that CT was the most conservative and traditional of the English publications

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