Air Maria is live streaming the rally in Hartford Connecticut!

Air Maria is live streaming the rally in Hartford Connecticut!

Get it HERE.

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  1. Scott W. says:

    s00per thanks!

    Right now he is interviewing several lay people on the council saying the proposal is a load of dingo’s kidneys. Add to that to some of the atheists I’ve heard scoffing at it as well, and hopefully this will go down in in richly-deserved flames.

  2. Scott W. says:

    Seems to have gone offline for the moment. The lawyer there (Mike Shay? Shea?) dismantled what I’ll call the “can’t have it both ways” argument. His point if I heard correctly is that the Church can indeed organize itself as it is without government interference, AND protect the assets of the diocese from lawsuit at the parish level.

  3. Amy Giuliano says:

    FIC Grassroots Action Center


    Senate Bill 1098 was introduced by Lawlor and McDonald as a political ploy and distraction in order to pass Senate Bill 899 with minimal opposition! SB 899 goes far beyond the codification of the Kerrigan decision imposing same –sex marriage in CT. The goal of SB 899 is to strip away important statutory protections in order to pave the way for the eventual state mandated infusion of ‘gay positive’ themes into the public school curriculum.

    Stop CT’s Same-Sex “Marriage” Bill!

    Last year, the Connecticut Supreme Court ignored the express will of the legislature and of the people by imposing same-sex “marriage” by judicial force. A bill was heard by the Judiciary Committee on March 6th to codify this outrage.

    But S.B. 899 goes beyond mere legislative housekeeping. Section 17 of the bill would repeal a state law protecting public policy on a wide range of moral issues. A repeal of this law could be read to mean that the State of Connecticut 1) condones homosexuality or bisexuality or any equivalent lifestyle, 2) authorizes the promotion of homosexuality or bisexuality in educational institutions or requires the teaching in educational institutions of homosexuality or bisexuality as an acceptable lifestyle, 3) authorizes or permits the use of numerical goals or quotas, or other types of affirmative action programs, with respect to homosexuality or bisexuality in the administration or enforcement of non-discrimination laws and 4) establishes sexual orientation as a specific and separate cultural classification in society.

    The law targeted by Section 17 explicitly states that Connecticut’s non-discrimination laws cannot be construed to support same-sex “marriage” or the four items listed above. We must amend Section 17 to salvage that law and stop the pro same-sex “marriage” agenda from being forced on children in the public schools!

    We also need to amend S.B 899 to strengthen the statute protecting religious liberty from the same-sex “marriage” agenda (Sec. 46a-81p). The redefinition of marriage in Massachusetts has led to attacks on religious freedom, while in Connecticut Justices of the Peace have been told they must perform same-sex “weddings”. Given the radical nature of this new same-sex “marriage” bill, further attacks on liberty and conscience are likely.

    We cannot wait for those attacks to begin. We must strike now, while this bill is going through the legislative process!

    Protect Your Rights!! Call your State Legislators and put pressure on Members of the Judiciary Committee!!

    Defeat Senate Bill 899! – Defeat Senate Bill 1098!

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