Card. Pell with His Hermeneuticalness in Oxford

Check out Card. Pell with His Hermeneuticalness in Oxford.

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  1. Paul M says:

    That pic will get those tongues wagging at the Bitter Pill. Bravo!

  2. John says:

    All I can say is that I totally wish Cardinal Pell (or His Hermeneuticalness) was my ordinary.

  3. Brian Sudlow says:

    Is the Cardinal saying something like this:

    “Sede a dextris meis, donec ponam inimícos tuos, scabéllum pedum tuórum.”?

    Just wondering!

  4. Eduardo says:

    I read that the Cardinal celebrated Mass for the beatification of Cardinal Newman at teh Oratory. This seems rather timely.

    It seems that the casue has become stuck (some say its finished) either because of a problem in attributing the alledged miracle to the Cardinal’s intercession, or because that Rome is worried that some US groups are promoting Newman as the first gay saint.

    Lets hope that Cardinal’s Pell’s Mass straightens things out.

  5. Andrew, UK and sometimes Canada says:

    The relatively diminutive Fr Finigan hoping the giant +Pell will protect him from another pounding. :-)

  6. Tim Ferguson says:

    So, Fr. Finigan saw the picture of the cardinal in Fr. Z’s back yard and he just had to play the game of one-upmanship, didn’t he.

  7. I think the good Cardinal is saying…

    “Come up higher, brother!” :-)

  8. I’m reminded of the story Archbishop Sheen told in his autobiography, Treasures in Clay. It was well known that there was tension between Sheen and Cardinal Spellman. One day, at the end of an audience with Pope John XXIII, the Holy Father turned to Sheen and said something like, “And now we will bring in a photographer and have a picture taken. IT WILL MAKE SPELLMAN JEALOUS!”

    This picture will be treasured by Fr. Finigan, and raise the ire of others.

  9. David Andew says:

    I think this pic demands some “retouching” by our friend Vincenzo. Something like putting a copy of “The Bitter Pill” in H.E.’s hands, along with a pithy caption.

  10. LCB says:


    The final 2 contenders for Abp. of Westminster.

  11. Tom says:

    Interesting that Cardinal Pell (rather absurdly tipped as a successor to Westminster) is officiating at events in the archdiocese of Birmingham, attended by Fr Finigan (a hugely popular, but unlikely, ‘name-in-the-frame’ for Westminster), at the same time as the Archbishop of Birmingham (tipped as the most likely candidate for W.) is visiting various exalted places in Rome. All taking place while the rumour mill has it that the announcmenet could be expected anytime time soon. Just adding to the fun of the gossip-shop – nothing else!

    On a related note, clearly the archbishop of Birmingham was happy to have the Cardinal visit his diocese and officiate at liturgical events – unlike the current incumbent of Westminster, who invoked Canon Law to prevent Archbishop Burke from saying Mass there.

  12. Adam says:

    Well well well, Cardinal Pell on an extended visit to Oxford and the Uk prior to meetings
    in Rome this week. And it is only matter of time until the next Archbishop of Westminster
    is announced by the Holy Father. Was the cardinal (who looks like Woolsey perhaps, though
    one never knows), having a look around in the Uk before the big announcement date comes up?
    Not really. I suspect that the pontiff may well name a surprise this time as was the naming of Basil Hume years ago. It’s about time we had some genuine episcopal surprises from the vatican. Paul VI mad some great surprise appointments which were all well received and made
    an impact. Will he pull an episcopal rabbit out of the hat and surprise us all, especially
    those ‘leading bishops’ who anxiously await the letter from the Nuncio and who hope perhaps
    their’s is the next red hat for Westminster?
    Well, we will all have to wait, to either before or after Easter – isn’t it just tantalising? My fear is that Rome does not quite know what to do, as it seems to have been dawdling on this
    appointment just as it did for New York? Well, perhaps one or more may have rejected the
    Pell – no way is he going to be transferred to Westminster. Never in a month of Sundays. No he will be there a few more years in Sydney, then translated to the Curia for a few years as head of a department. Loyal son of the Church, but never destined for the papacy I predict.

  13. Here’s another possible caption from Cardinal Pell:

    “Why oh why, Neo, didn’t I take the blue pill?” ;-)

  14. TJM says:

    Is there any precedent in the Church for translating a cardinal from one country to another? Just curious. Anyway, the two of them look so orthodox, so great together! Tom

  15. Sacerdos says:

    Tom – the prohibition of Archbishop Burke from pontificating in Westminster is nothing to do with any hate of TLM, but with the appalling behaviour of committee members and employees of the Latin Mass Society.

  16. Andrew, UK and sometimes Canada says:

    David Andrew: Vincenzo has already made some interesting re-touches to this photo on his blog.

    Not sure what Fr Z thinks about his new position, however.

  17. John Enright says:

    I didn’t realize that Cardinal Pell was that big. Maybe he should trow his weight around a little more throughout the entire Church.

  18. John Enright says:

    Sorry, meant to say “throw” rather than “trow.” “H” and “I” stick on my keyboard sometimes. LOL.

  19. >>>>I didn’t realize that Cardinal Pell was that big.<<<<

    His biography (written by Tess Livingstone) tells the story of his teen years playing rugby.

  20. John Enright says:

    Fr. Toborowsky: Thanks for the info! I try to get it.

  21. John Enright says:

    Apparently. the “L” doesn’t work right either. My previous post should say “I’ll try” rather than “I try.” LOL!

  22. C.L. says:

    Fr Toborowsky, Pell played Australian Football, not Rugby!

    He was so good that he was signed by the Richmond Tigers* at 18 to play as a pro.

    In the end, he decided to go to the seminary instead. Deo gratias.

    *Team motto: ‘Eat ‘Em Alive’

  23. Daniel Nekic says:

    I love having +Pell as my ordinary. :P

  24. C.L. says:

    Greatest Australian churchman since Arch Mannix.

  25. Cardinal Pell is also my ordinary :-)

  26. irishgirl says:

    I saw Vincenzo’s picture-I nearly LOL’d in the library!

    It was priceless-Fr. Finigan in cardinal’s robes and Fr. Z sitting next to him!

    Vincenzo is soooo creative!

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