How about some good news?

There is enough terrible new for us to gnash and fret about.

How about some of your good news?

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  1. joe says:

    1- My CCD students will be getting confirmed soon.

    2- I have TWO (okay, 2.5) potential business projects that should, Deo volente, pull our family out of the dire situation in which the economy has hurled us.


  2. Fr. Charles says:

    One of our ministers provincial published a circular letter challenging brothers who consider themselves “liberal” to accept younger and new brothers who are more “traditional.” If they were truly liberal, they would not reject those who thought and practiced differently, he said.

  3. Chironomo says:

    It seems that the Charitable Contributions deduction will remain in place despite the attempts by “The Administration” to reduce it (this news comes to me from a fairly reliable source). This is REALLY GOOD NEWS for those of us whose incomes are directly supported by charitable donations (I work at a Church, my wife at a major charitable organization)…

  4. Ignatiangroupie says:

    It looks like I am finally getting over this bug. 2 weeks sick is enough.

  5. Gorgasal says:

    Our twins are in good shape to be born in four weeks, and we’ve already been at the baptismal catechesis sessions…

  6. Bobby Bambino says:

    We know who wins in the end :)

  7. My baptismal, first communion, and confirmation certificates are all in the mail on their way to me, and Monday I have a meeting with the vocations director to set up my psychological evaluation for my application to the Order of Saint Augustine. This week I’m also registering for next semester to resume my Latin studies, which were cut short last time because of cancer. So by the time I begin seminary I should have a decent grasp of Latin, making me that much more prepared to study and learn to celebrate the Mass in the Extraordinary Form some day, God willing.

    Of course, I’ve little chance of passing the psych evaluation, since I’m certifiably nuts :)

  8. Patrick says:

    I’m considering a vocation with the Oblates of the Virgin Mary and am excited about doing so!

  9. Also, Villanova is about to beat the snot out of Duke in the Sweet 16, and that’s GREAT NEWS!!!

  10. Gordon says:

    Always wanted to live in traditional brownstone tenement in my cityThey are not easy places to get. Been waiting years an yeas. Presently I am 220 feet in the sky!! Well, I now have a place on a street called St Andrews Street! Looking forward to that. Think God has been good to me! Hope to get masses said for thanks when I have the means to do so.

  11. Our TLM at Blessed Sacrament Parish in Springfield, Illinois, continues to be well attended. Additionally, the Latin teacher at a local public high school is offering her students extra credit if they attend the Mass.

    Our local Catholic high school does not have Latin on its curriculum.

  12. PAH says:

    I’m flying to Rome in 36 hours!

  13. IngridAiram says:

    * Have had a good consultation with simulationpatient today, even though I was very nervouw about it.
    * realised (finally) that it will be good for me to wear a mantilla or some other headcovering in church, it feels good to realise this.
    * think that I will have the courage this evening to ask parish priest for appointment for confession (have been postphoning it all the time).
    * a friend of mine had a little accident yesterday, but fortunately it all turned out fine :)

  14. Mary W says:

    I have a beautiful new granddaughter, born just two weeks ago!

    More than ever, I’m trying to live one day at a time thanking God for all His blessings. Besides, it’s a glorious day in my part of California.

  15. IngridAiram says:

    Hmm, see that my last post didn’t went quite well with the lay out..sorry

  16. Bryan says:

    I’ve been invited to give a meditation on the beauty of the Rosary to the priests, deacons, and RCIA candidates of my parish on Holy Saturday during the Day of Recollection…and, I’ve been offered a job with more $ and responsibilities supporting a federal agency.

    The Lord has been especially gracious to me this week.

  17. a catechist says:

    I went to the OB today and heard my baby’s heart beating 152/min.

    Last night my RE class all had the opportunity to go to Confession, as did their parents.

  18. Hildy Johnson says:

    A friend who’s been living outside the teachings of the Church on this issue contacted me recently to learn more about practicing NFP within marriage. Deo gratias. Please pray that the couple are showered with grace and courage and freedom to embrace the truth.

  19. Christopher says:

    I posted about a GEM of a parish I stumbled upon in liberal California –
    Check out the info and pictures posted here:


    Also –

    We are now expecting our fourth Heavenly blessing!
    Deo Gratias!!!

  20. inillotempore says:

    My brother will be joining the Church at the Easter vigil.

    My daughter just received her First Holy Communion on Laetare Sunday.

    My parents “Re-verted” back to the church last year.

    Another brother entered the Church last year at the Easter vigil.

    In your kindness, please pray for my sisters who are currently outside the true church.

  21. JoyfulMom7 says:

    My church’s pro-life group asked Alan Keyes to come speak and he said YES!

  22. Calving season is going well! So far we’re halfway through and the barns are full of healthy calves!

  23. LCB says:

    Our local paper carried an article today about how the practice of gardening continues to become more widespread.

    Culture begins with agriculture.

  24. Cathy says:

    I asked God to please help me find a job where I could make enough money to keep the boat afloat but also have enough flexibility to allow me to keep homeschooling the kids. I mentioned to Him that I do well with maps and methodical, ordering type activities. I started this week working for the US Census bureau! They let me set our own work hours. It’s a great job and temporary so I can go back to being a stay at home mom when it’s done.

    I asked God to help my neighbor come home to the Church. Shortly thereafter she knocked at my door and asked me if she could borrow some books on the faith!

    I could tell better stories about difficult crosses that ultimately led to the best answers to prayers. God always has a better way than what we think. He’s got everything under control.

  25. Rather Read says:

    My parish just celebrated its 150th anniversary. May it have many more years.

  26. Cathy says:

    Fr. Charles, that is great news! Deo gratias! I have been praying so much for a softening of hearts of the clergy towards more traditonally minded Catholics.

    Now I’d better go get the hot chocolate stoked up. I have two family members who are trying to get home through the blizzard we’re having here in NoCo.

  27. r7blue1pink says:

    1. We are closing on our new house today.

    2. We have an offer on our old house today.

    3. my hubby is getting his bonus next week! lol

  28. Sam says:

    I got news yesterday (3/25 Annunciation) that I will be getting a promotion at work! My wife and I have two healthy, happy kids (18 month boy, and 4 month girl) who love going to Mass and love each other. What more can I ask for? OK, maybe another few kids as my wife and I are in our early 40s! Is that too greedy?

  29. Momcilo says:

    This article brightened my spirits a little;

  30. Momcilo says:

    The wife is also pregnant with our first! Found out on the Feast of St Joseph.

  31. Vicky says:

    This morning on my way to work I saw a beautiful pink, purple, and orange sunrise. God has created such beautiful things!

  32. JaneC says:

    My husband’s grandmother went home from the hospital yesterday. My grandmother continues to struggle to recover from her broken hip and head injury, but yesterday was a good day–she was able to get out of bed and take a few steps with a walker. God willing, they’ll both be with us for a few years yet.

  33. Ave Maria says:

    Our associate priest has agreed to host Marian devotions in May! That is the good news. But prayers are needed as our pastor is not too excited about this and has yet to give permission.

    But, with grace, perhaps we will have 10 days of devotions in May to honor the Mother of God. And then…this is going to need some prayers and some work…we hope for a 40 Hour devotion in June for Corpus Christi.

  34. Gregory DiPippo says:

    Can the sort of news that usually goes under the “Brick by brick” rubric also be posted here?Yesterday, five new priests were ordained for the Franciscans of the Immaculate by Abp. Burke in Tarquinia. The ordination was done in the traditional rite; see the pics at Orbis Catholicus.

  35. TJB says:

    80 Year old man ordained last night in Archdiocese of Ottawa! Knew he wanted to be a Priest 65 years ago.

  36. kat says:

    Our 6th child was born 2 weeks ago and Julia Ellen will be baptized this Sunday at the TLM (We scheduled it for last Sunday but the 4 year old got sick in the pew 2 minutes before Mass began. I spent the whole Prayers at the Foot of the Cross wiping up the floor and kneeler while my husband took the little boys back home for baths).

  37. Brother says:

    I will be ordained a deacon in a couple weeks!

  38. Matthew says:

    1. The Archbishop where I live has issued a directive stating that hands are not to be held during the Our Father!

    2. The pastor at my parish is beginning to correct some long standing liturgical abuses!

  39. Thanks to Our Lord, Our Lady, St. Joseph, St. Benedict, and
    numerous other benefactors (heavenly and earthly),
    I have just completed my Master’s thesis earlier
    this morning.

    I will now make final revisions and then send it
    to my committee for my defense.

    Deo gratias!

  40. Sarah says:

    This week I accepted my admission offer from a master’s program in material culture/museum studies. They’re giving me a full fellowship plus stipend, so I will not go into any more student debt! Plus I just might have time for a vacation between finishing my volunteer year and starting summer school.

  41. Next week in the Archdiocese of New York, we’ll have the ’62 Mass on Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. I don’t remember that ever happening before.

    We’ve also had two Solemn Masses in the the archdiocese in the past two weeks.

  42. rachel says:

    We found out two days ago that my brother’s application for an exemption to be deployed to Iraq for the third time came through. He will not have to go after all. Deo Gratias!

  43. supertradmom says:

    Conception Abbey College is having its first TLM on Saturday, albeit at 7:30 a.m. Brick by brick…

  44. Jacques says:

    Our parish priest is just coming back from Rome.
    He said that he enjoyed an ice creams diet cure from Giolitti’s (official Vatican’s supplier by appointment!).
    I hope his spiritual benefits were not drawn only from the Italian food.

  45. Christina says:

    I’m done with 9 pages out of 10 due by the end of the semester. AND by the end of the semester I’ll have graduated and will be days away from holding my first child! Hoping it all happens in that order…

  46. Josiah Ross says:

    My parish is baptising 14 converts this Easter.
    And Today, I found a 1934 Daily Roman missal literally lying on the sidewalk this morning.

  47. Cristero says:

    Lots of good news out there. Here is some good news from the Latin Mass Community of Mission San Juan Bautista, Diocese of Monterey in California.

    1.The Moon and Venus hung over the Mission right before the Via Crucis and Holy mass on the 27th of February 2009

    2.The Pastor of Mission San Juan Bautista, Father Edward Fitz-Henry, went into the storage of the Mission and brought out an old Rosecea Chausable made in the Spanish style for Laetare Sunday. Father Milich wore it for the Latin mass this past Sunday.

    3. We have a Schola that will be hosting the Second Central Coast Gregorian Chant Workshop on Good Shepherd Sunday, April 25th-26th, 2009.

    4.We are getting more Servers trained for the Latin Mass, for both Low Mass for weekdays, and Missa Cantatas on Sundays.

    5. This one is a bonus: Not at our parish but at another Mission, Mission San Jose in Fremont, CA, a Missa Solemnis was said by Fr. Jean-Marie Moreau, ICK this past Saturday for the feast of St. Benedict.

    Photos of all of these things mentioned can be found at

  48. S in Severn says:

    There was an almost packed house last night for Confession! It was a regional (several parishes got together) and had a number of priests to hear confessions. The Archdiocese of Baltimore has been “pushing” the sacrament this Lent. “The Light is ON for you”

    “Archbishop Edwin F. O’Brien, Archbishop of Baltimore, announced today an initiative to promote the sacrament of Reconciliation or Penance called, “The Light is on for You.” Based on the successful campaign of the same name created by the Archdiocese of Washington, the initiative uses billboards, bus, radio and TV ads to encourage Catholics in the Archdiocese of Baltimore to reconnect with the sacrament during the 40-day period of prayer and repentance that begins on February 25, Ash Wednesday.”

  49. Faithful one says:

    Finally our Arch has designated a parish of St Paul as a Pilgrimage site for the PAULINE YEAR. ST PAUL PARISH, SEATTLE, WA. There will be confessions between 2-5pm and Mass at 5pm per Parish Priest Fr Felino Paulino. Our prayer group will do such pilgrimage with procession, prayers, confession, mass, Holy Eucharist. Everyone should take advantage of this special gift of Plenary Indulgence from God through our wonderful Pope Benedict XVI. CHECK YOUR DIOCESE and go make a pilgrimage. I know that you will be glad you did. We need all the help we can get to go to Heaven. God bless you all.

  50. shana sfo says:

    Our family is expecting 13 chicks to arrive at the post office in the wee hours of Friday morning. We’ve worked for months to be able to afford them, get the starter gear and build a coop.

    The thought of fresh eggs for breakfast – mmmm!

    A little box of blessings to help us feed our large family and maybe get a little money from eggs on the side, and a pot of chicken soup once in a while.

  51. Bogna says:

    @ Gorgasal! Exactly the same with my twins – Marcel and Lucia! I\’m 32 weeks pregnant and in four weeks it will be safe to give birth to them! We plan tridentine rite baptism for them of course and we have nice short \”tridentine baptism giude\” for everybody involved.

  52. TJ Murphy says:

    I was asked to assist in the singing of the Exsultet during the Easter Vigil this year.

  53. AnyMouse says:

    Carrot over Stick:
    Georgian Orthodox Patriarch Sparks Baby Boom with Promise to Personally Baptize Babies #3 and Up

  54. I will be entering the Passionist Nuns of St. Joseph Monastery in Whitesville, KY, this August.

  55. Mary Ann says:

    I found this beautiful, rich, Catholic blog! Thank you, Father Z!! Have been listening to the traditional music on the radio stream all day, both inspiring and so soothing to the soul.

  56. RBrown says:

    There was an almost packed house last night for Confession! It was a regional (several parishes got together) and had a number of priests to hear confessions. The Archdiocese of Baltimore has been “pushing” the sacrament this Lent. “The Light is ON for you”

    “Archbishop Edwin F. O’Brien, Archbishop of Baltimore, announced today an initiative to promote the sacrament of Reconciliation or Penance called, “The Light is on for You.” Based on the successful campaign of the same name created by the Archdiocese of Washington, the initiative uses billboards, bus, radio and TV ads to encourage Catholics in the Archdiocese of Baltimore to reconnect with the sacrament during the 40-day period of prayer and repentance that begins on February 25, Ash Wednesday.”
    Comment by S in Severn

    Billboards, and Radio/TV ads are OK, but what is most important is making regular Confession available–not just 3:15-3:45 on Sat afternoon (or some other inconvenient time). There are 5 parishes here, and another 3 nearby. None have Confession before and/or after daily mass.

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