Reese, SJ: middle-ground destroy excess embryos only?

In a Reuters article, Jesuit Thomas Reese, seemingly ready to compromise with the world, has apparently made a suggestion about Pres. Obama’s decision on embryonic stem-cell research.

I am not making this up.  This is what the Reuters article says.  However, note that Reuters does not have a quote.

Father Thomas J. Reese, senior fellow at the Woodstock Theological Center of Georgetown University, suggested several ways the Obama administration could find some middle ground.

Reese’s suggestions include not creating embryos for the sole purpose of research but instead using only excess embryos produced at fertility clinics that are scheduled to be destroyed anyway.


I think Fr. Reese should clarify what he means.

UPDATE: 0536 11 Mar

I had a note from the Phil Pullella of Reuters who wrote the article of interest.  He assured me that his reporting was accurate.  He took my own comment, namely, that Reuters didn’t have a quote from Reese, to mean that I doubted that Reese said it and that Pullella got it wrong.

In a sense I both do doubt it and I don’t!  It is hard to believe a priest would make such a recommendation.  Still, it is Reese.  Therefore, on the strength of Pullella’s article I don’t doubt it at all.

My comment about the quote, above, wasn’t meant to cast doubt on the accuracy of the Reuters article.  I want that to be clear.  Pullella is a pro and wouldn’t write something like that if he couldn’t substantiate it.

UPDATE: 1428 11 Mar

I link to an article wherein Reese has his say:


… Here are some suggestions.

1. Embryos for research cannot be bought and sold. Embryos should not be created for the sole purpose of research. They should only come from excess embryos produced at fertility clinics that are scheduled to be destroyed anyway.

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