Tasty belated thanks

Many many thanks to the kind readers, CF and RR, who sent me the Gooseberry Jam and the Devon Cream.

On St. Joseph’s Day I permitted myself a treat.  I made scones and dressed them with the above.

No photos, sorry.  I couldn’t lay my hands on my camera, which I just found in my car, the elusive thief.

Also, a very kind reader in his generosity sent me his spare eyepiece for my little reflector telescope with which I occasionally scan the firmament and reflect on God’s plan and the work of angels.


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  1. Nick says:

    Remember, Father, every time you gaze up at the heavens, the Lord says to you, “I created all of this for you, My child. But what I have prepared for you in My Father’s mansion is even greater.”

    On an unrelated note, I tried sending you a news story but I got an e-mail back that said your address is nonexistent.

    Anti-spam word: ad orientem

  2. I think my e-mail is working.

  3. Humilitas says:

    Dear Fr. Z;

    Have you ever eaten the delicious Italian Zeppole in celebration of La Festa Di San Giuseppe?

    My grandmother made the most delicious zeppole when I was a child but unfortunately I have not been able to find any to equal those made by Nona.

    God bless you Fr. Z.

  4. Humilitas: But of course! Have you had Bigné di San Giuseppe?

  5. Jane says:

    This sounds similar to something that I like very much called Devonshire tea. It consists of scones topped with strawberry jam and topped with whipped cream. You eat it and then have a cup of tea or coffee.

    Yesterday I thought I had won the jackpot when a lady in my parish gave me freshly baked scones and I told her I was going to turn them into Devonshire tea, Then she informed me that they were pumpkin scones. I still tried. It worked out. The Australian motto: near enough is good enough applied here!

  6. Humilitas says:

    Dear Fr. Z;
    I just checked a website for Bigne di San Giuseppe and they appear to be the same pastry that my Nona called Zeppole. It was a light cream puff filled with yellow cream and dusted with powdered sugar. Since she was from around the Naples Italy area is it possible that what she called Zeppole was called Bigne di San Giuseppe in Rome? I recall her also making a fried dough covered with granulated sugar for the Feast of St. Joseph. Now I’m confused.

  7. Jane says:

    Just in case there is any confusion. The strawberry jam that I am referring to is a thick fruit conserve.

  8. Maureen says:

    The fried dough might be sfinge….

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