Belgian Parliament attacks Pope Benedict

The war is getting hotter.



Belgian Bishops Lament Government’s Papal Protest

Says Lawmakers Didn’t Hear Pope’s Whole Message

BRUSSELS, APRIL 3, 2009 ( Belgium’s bishops lament a government proposal to protest Benedict XVI’s comment that condoms are not the solution to fighting AIDS, saying the lawmakers didn’t take into account the Pope’s overall message.

The Belgian Parliament passed a proposal today that asked the government to condemn the Pope’s "unacceptable" comments, and to "officially protest before the Holy See."


There is more.  Go read it.

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  1. veritas says:

    Surely even Belgian MPs realise that if marital fidelity and single chastity were the rule then AIDS could not be transmitted. Surely they also realise that the indicriminate distribution of condoms normalises sexual activity regardless of marriage.

    To regard such ideas as unacceptable merely suggest that they reagard sexual licence as normal and acceptable. Is this indeed what they are saying? Do they wish to prevent anyone saying the opposite?

  2. Here’s my question: since when does Belgium get to lecture any other sovereign entity over its Africa policy?

  3. London Calling says:

    Father, the link doesn’t work — for some reason “permalink” appears in the URL. I copied, pasted, edited, found the page though.

  4. paul says:

    Truth is on the side of the Pope.

  5. Maureen says:

    They’re just flim-Fleming the public.

  6. joy says:

    They have now received the award for the most gratuitous use of the word ‘Belgium’ in a serious screenplay.


  7. joebe says:

    I’m waiting for the US government to do the same thing.

  8. irishgirl says:

    ‘Flim-Fleming’…ooo, good one, Maureen….

    Stupid government…..that’s all I can say.

    Bravo to the Belgian Bishops!

  9. Andrew, UK and sometimes Canada says:

    “There is more. Go read it.”

    No thanks. The posts above this one have already done my blood pressure for the day ;-)

  10. LCB says:

    And, boys and girls, what step follows Condemnation? That’s right, Persecution.

    Tomorrow’s lesson will be: the importance of fidelity to the Magisterum and in our marriages.

  11. In other news of governments sticking their noses where they don’t belong, the EU has decided they need to set the date for Pascha, as if anyone would abide by their decision (can we say Gregorian calendar?)

  12. Mitchell NY says:

    And Belgium is offereing the world what in place of the truths behind our Pope’s words? Catholic values and morals would bring no evil or bad into the world. What is wrong with the message of abstinance outside marriage, charity, chastity, and love…It is only when the truths get corrupted or twisted that it becomes a shame or scandal, that being said however does not change the truths. Yeah, so Catholic standards are high, but that does not mean we should abandon them or set them aside. They should always be remembered and we can all strive a little bit more to attain them. Would it be hurting anyone to try to abstain from sex in order to prevent the spread of disease? Somehow the focus has turned entirely upon the victims and not the perpertrators of heinous acts. People have seemed to accepted that they can not control themselves therefore all the educating must be provided the victims on how to protect themselves. But that does not touch the root of the problem. Self Control. I am getting a little tired these past two months of every media outlet bashing and corrupting the message of our Holy Father. They never dig a little deeper behind his surface comments to determine whether deeper down there seems to be truth behind what he says. 1 minute news breaks don’t allow the truth to surface and seems only enough time to spew the acid first. If large or majorities of the populace of certain countries have chosen to abandon their roots and turn away from the faith I wish they would just leave us alone with our Pope, values, morals, traditions and truths. They use their political powers to attack our very own beliefs because they are different than their own. That they are free to do. Imagine the opposite, a Catholic leader with same such powers, issuing public statements in favor of Catholic truths. We would have an uprising not seen in many ages. And why,? simply because it differs from other people’s views. And with this recent attack from the Belgian parliment, what do they offer us to replace the truths of our faith? A latex condom, No Thank you, Belgium. Parliment can keep their corruption, opinions, and seedy motel rooms.

  13. Belgium is a country that exists for the sole purpose of letting two genetically and culturally distinct Catholic peoples continue to despise each other cordially under the rule of a Catholic monarch, rather than perpetually fight each other under the direction of a Protestant princeling on one side, and an anti-clerical revolutionary regime on the other.

    Can the king do anything to put a stop to this?

  14. Mark says:

    Chris: No, the role of the Belgian king, as most other European monarchs is vitually 100% ceremonial. They do have a role in the formation of cabinets and the like, but, as we have seen in Luxembourg, should the king do something that does not suit the government, it is very easy to cirumvent him entirely.

    The above is typical of most western European countries. Speaking as a Dutchman, I strongly believe the Dutch government believe sthe same thing, but they just haven’t made it official.

  15. Kradcliffe says:

    Linkee No Workee

  16. Magdalene says:

    “the war is getting hotter.”

    We have seen nothing yet. Keep your armor polished and your spiritual weapons close at hand.

  17. Philippe says:

    “Belgium is a country that exists for the sole purpose of letting two genetically and culturally distinct Catholic peoples continue to despise each other cordially under the rule of a Catholic monarch, rather than perpetually fight each other under the direction of a Protestant princeling on one side, and an anti-clerical revolutionary regime on the other.”

    Chris, sorry to contradict you but what is artificial is not Belgium, it is the modern-day concepts of so-called “Flanders” and “Wallonia”. Although Belgium did not become independant until 1830, it had a sense of identity and unity as long ago as the XVth century. And its name is as od as that of Greece. Please read Jean Stengers’s “Les racines de la Belgique” (Racine, Brussels 2000), as this is a major (but definitely not the only) source to correct those widespread misconceptions about Belgium.

  18. Steven says:

    Dear Friends,

    Do not blame “Belgium” or the “Belgians”. Blame the Belgian politicians!

    Those who made the complaint were liberals and socialists. Unfortunately, they were joined by the christian party, which is in theory Catholic.

    The Belgian government is in a deep crisis and they did not want make the crisis worse by this. Nevertheless, the christian party made a big mistake.

    The whole thing was a freemason initiative.

    And please, do not forget that this is Suenens-country.

    In the ’80s and ’90s Holland was a problematic, liberal country, today Belgium is worse.

    This country is broken, it is bankrupt financially and morally and this will end in a tragedy.

    But, there are signs of hope…

    We still have our Catholic schools. More than 70% of all children go to Catholic schools. Unfortunately, a lot of teachers indoctrinate the pupils with a lot of nonsense and lies. But, there are also many good teachers. So, there is hope.

    A minority of Catholics are starting to resist the atheist madness in this country. The poisonous liberal media are to blame. And although it seems that the freemasons won this one, they in fact lost it.

    Catholics are slowly starting to wake up. It cannot go on like this.

  19. David says:

    Belgium, a country that has been experiencing a political crisis since JUNE 2007 elections, is able to agree on something -now, that is a miracle!

  20. RBrown says:

    For over 35 years the Vatican chose to keep quiet about differences with secular culture and govts. About the only exception was abortion, and it seldom went beyond talk. There was almost no effort to implement the opposition–pro abort politicians continued to exist in a separate peace with their bishops.

    Now Papa Ratzinger, whose mild demeanor hides a taste for confrontation, is smoking out the rats with a thurible.

    The game is afoot, Watson!

  21. Manrique Zabala de Arízona says:

    Belgian politicians are to be reminded that, even if they can’t agree to have a government together, they still are an UNDERCOVER FISCAL PARADISE, just like the Cayman islands. They have quite little moral authority to attack verbally anyone.

    And get periodically “pwned” by the Germans. No luck.

  22. Just more evidence of the apostasy. If this is the way they treat the Pope, far away in a foreign country, imagine what they will do to the locals under their control.

  23. DarkKnight says:

    My Latin is a bit rusty but I seem to remember something that might fit the bill, Elephantus non capit murem.

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