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Every once in a while people ask me for… no.. let’s start again….

All the time people ask me for book recommendations and where to find them.

Just today, as a matter of fact, in Z-Chat someone asked about about resources for learning more about the Mass.

I recommend a couple titles and to check out Loome Theological Bookseller in Stillwater, MN.

Many of you will know this famous place, I am sure.  I have personally paid their rent a couple times over the years.

But now they have an interesting blog, Ex Libris Theologicis.

You might check it out.

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  1. In a footnote to his essay “In the Sacred Cave” in the recent new book Love in the Ruins ( http://www.angeluspress.org ) Kenton Craven — whose success in attracting younger folks to the TLM is unmatched by that of anyone else I know personally — writes

    “The very best explanation of the Traditional Latin Mass is The Latin Mass Explained by Msgr. George Moorman, published first in Our Sunday Visitor in 1920 and now reissued in 2007 by TAN Books. I would strongly recommend starting classes for young people who are attracted to the Traditional Mass using this very fine book.”

    What Ken Craven strongly recommends is, indeed, strongly recommended. Incidentally, one of Dr. Craven’s “younger folks”, Brian Douglas, is the author of another impressive essay in the book first mentioned. Seeing them both at a TLM they occasionally travel a hundred miles to attend brings home to me the extraordinary breadth and depth of Catholic culture and experience — wise and mature, young and dynamic — on encounters at these still far-flung extraordinary Masses.

    Actually, Love in the Ruins itself is not a bad answer to the original question. From the preface posted at the publisher’s web site:

    “Nearly five years ago I attended the Tridentine Latin Mass for the first time. In an incense-filled moment, I found the Faith that shaped Western Civilization and changed the course of human history. ….. The narratives that follow are written by Roman Catholics who have discovered or rediscovered the riches of the ancient liturgy and traditions of Holy Mother Church, powerful anecdotes to the ecclesiastic and liturgical crises of our day. …..”

  2. Nice write up on Fr. Leonard by +Cardinal Dulles.

    Nice Blog. Great place for finding hard-to-find and out-of-print tomes.

  3. Al says:

    I have found latinmassliturgicals.com to be an excellent source of traditional books. Great prices, wide selection, and superior service.

  4. Everyday Catholic says:

    My favorite book on the Mass is “The Bridge over the World.” I forgot the author’s name and the book has been lent to a friend. However, you can find it at Roman Catholic Books. This book was first published in the 1930’s and it’s more of a meditation than a “how-to” or a text.

  5. Thomas Burk says:

    I’m very happy to know about this blog. I can recommend Loome too. I went there a couple of times back in the ’90’s when training in MSP at NATCO. (I also was going to Mass at St. Agnes then.) On one of our excursions to Stillwater we were chatting with the proprietor and he told us that we should have come the day before, because we could have met the Vatican librarian! Their web site also has a feature whereby you can make a list of out-of-stock books, and they notify you when they arrive. I was able to get a couple of very good and rare books that way, having been unable to procure them anywhere else. ‘Course it wasn’t cheap, but it was worth it. I’m sure I have contributed to the rent myself.

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