More fun with your Bugatti!

I found a great site…

Design your own Veyron:

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  1. Dan Howell says:

    So cool … zoom, zoom.

  2. Eric says:

    Hummmm – the tyranny of materialism is even starting to infect Fr Z. [What colors did you choose?]

  3. Art says:

    Now imagine a fleet of these outside the Rubrician HQ. [GMTA!]

  4. cathguy says:


    Since when is appreciating the triumph of art and engineering that is a fine automobile like the Bugatti giving into the “tyranny of materialism?”

    Does the Vatican give into this tyranny when it commissions beautiful works of art? The Bugatti is a STUNNING achievement… there is nothing wrong with appreciating it. (Although I prefer American muscle…)

    I would go so far as to say that there is nothing wrong with buying one either… if you can afford it. (The Ford GT is still better) That means that one shouldn’t buy a Bugatti and then not give to the poor. BUT, if you can afford the car, and afford your tithe, why not? (unless of course you want to buy a real car instead, like the GT) Don’t automobile designers and factory workers need to eat too? (especially if they work for Ford. Did I mention the GT?)

  5. TJB says:

    Drive the black, drive the red!

  6. mbd says:

    A Bugatti may finally be entering the realm of affordability and not mere fantasy:

    [LOL! Ugly… but fun!]

  7. Eric says:

    Grow a sense of humor! I am just teasing Fr. Z…sheesh. If I had the money – forget the Bugatti – I’d drive an Aston Martin!

  8. Mark says:

    Ooh, nice… Polar with pearl is a nice combination.

  9. Immaculatae says:

    Too much fun! Thanks, FrZ!

  10. Bryan says:


    Simple. Exclusive. Fun to drive. And affordable.

    (and they were owned by Bugatti at one point…;))

  11. A Random Friar says:

    Sure, sure. You diocesan priests just rub it in the face of us mendicants. ;)

  12. John Enright says:

    That’s great! Wish I had artistic skill, though!

  13. Thomas Burk says:

    Ford GT? Maybe a GT40, but the modernist Ford GT? I think not.

  14. tertullian says:

    make sure to also get over to the configurator for the Grand Sport…

  15. Jack says:

    That’s the kind of stimulus that works for me!

  16. TJB says:

    The Veyron is OK but… I’d take a Koenigsegg CCR over it any day!

  17. Argh! And I gave up (eye) candy for Lent! ;-)

    I can feel the floor boards rumbling just by looking at it…

  18. Eric says:

    I like my sportscars in a nice dark green (british racing green ideally)…..

  19. White Knight says:

    If I had the money — I’l still drive what I have. VW Jetta. Gets me there just fine.

    I don’t want anything that will keep me from my final intended destination. Though knowing my need-for-speed, this would most likely get me there much sooner.

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