N. Gingrich talks about his conversion

Watch Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace for this Sunday when you can.

At the end of the second block, toward the bottom of the hour, Chris Wallace asked Mr. Gingrich why he converted to Catholicism last Sunday.

Gingrich responded well and clearly. 

Two interesting points were the role of Pope Benedict’s visit to the USA.

Also, Wallace asked Gingrich if, since he had been married and divorced, he can receive Holy Communion.  Gingrich responded that over the last 10 years they had done everything according to Church law that was necessary to be done and that, yes, he could receive Communion.

WDTPRS congratulates Mr. Gingrich.

Also, during the interview itself Gingrich brought up the 1977 commencement speech Pres. Carter gave at… Notre Dame.

That was block worth watching.

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