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VATICAN CITY, 7 APR 2009 (VIS) – Archbishop Thomas Menamparampil S.D.B. of Guwahati, India, has been given the task of writing the meditations for this year’s Via Crucis (Way of the Cross), which is due to be presided by the Pope on the evening of Good Friday 10 April at the Colosseum in Rome.

  Archbishop Menamparampil’s reflections will focus on the question of evil in the world, on pain and on the various forms of suffering which are, he writes, a "symbol of the presence of the cross of Christ in our lives". In this context, he will also refer to Christians who suffer persecution in India and in other countries, as well as to the violence that destroys ethnic and religious groups, and to conflicts fuelled by economic interests".

  Thus, for the second consecutive year, the Pope wishes to draw attention to the continent of Asia. The persecutions the Catholic Church faces in various part of the world were also the central theme of the Via Crucis in 2008, written by Cardinal Joseph Zen Ze-kiun S.D.B., bishop of Hong Kong, China.

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  1. Patrick says:

    Catholics and Orthodox have been in India for centuries, it is sad to see the persecutions that have been going on for at least the last 10 years continuing. These persecutions affect all Christian groups, and unfortunately many oar characterized by organized violence and police collusion.

    The Church has exhibited heroic endurance under this oppression, and the fortitude displayed should be a model for all.

    Should you wish to learn more about the Church in India, google the Syro-Malabarese and Syro-Malankarese churches for starters. You will be well rewarded. These particular Churches also have a presence here in the States. Some of them come under the supervision of the local Latin rite diocese, others are in their own eparchies.

    If I have explained anything in a clumsy or muddled fashion I apologize in advance to my Eastern and Oriental brothers.

  2. Emilio III says:

    On this date (April 7) in 1595, Fr. Henry Walpole S.J. and secular priest Fr. Rawlins were hanged, drawn and quartered in York. Also on this date in 1606, Fr. Edward Oldcorne S.J. suffered the same fate in Worcester.

    While praying for victims of persecution far away, let’s not forget that even worse things have happened closer to home and may happen again.

  3. Joe says:

    The last year was a terrible year for Christians in India. One of the few places to get much news about the persecuted Catholics – this includes the Syro-Malabar, the Syro-Malankar and Latin Catholics – is on Zenit.
    Radical Hindus have attacked and killed nuns and priests. They have burned churches and schools. Certain Indian states have passed laws forbidding conversion to the Catholic faith.

    While the Hindus worship cows and let them roam the streets, while the Hindus adhere to their caste system, the Catholics minister to the poorest and weakest of Indian society.

    I would not expect Hilary Clinton or Barack Obama to utter one word in defense of their human rights, or those of the Chaldean Catholics in Iraq. Meanwhile the majority of elected Catholics – and appointed Catholics – in Washington are more interested in exporting abortion.

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