Fr. Finelli’s 1st TLM

I am very pleased that Fr. Finelli, aka "iPadre" celebrated his first TLM today and, being tech savvy ustreamed it!

Here is a screenshot.

I captured the stream and put it also on "Father Z TV", the Z-Cam.


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  1. Bill in Texas says:

    Good for Father Jay!

    I’m sad that it looks like nobody was there but Father and the server.

  2. TJM says:

    Congratulations to Father Fanelli! WHen I was a little boy in Indiana one of my favorite priests was Father Salvatore Fanelli whose family made Fanelli ice cream in Kentucky. Tom [Would he maybe be a cousin of Fr. Finelli?]

  3. There were actually three women. I did not publicize it yet. I’m going to celebrate the EF on a regular basis and my first major public celebration will be on the 1st Sunday of September. We currently have the ordinary form in Latin on the 1st Sunday and in September we make the switch. I will offer the EF again on Thursday at 5 PM and see if Fr. Z is able to co-host the stream.

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