“tweet… tweet tweet… tweet tweeeeet!”


You bumped me to 34!



Twitter is turning out to be an interesting tool for rapid notices.  Anyone watching the new from Iran has seen how Twitter is changing the reporting about what is going on.

I am rather pleased to see the your truly has popped up from #38 to #36 on the Top Conservatives on Twitter list in the "Most Interesting" category!   I am pleased in a surprised sort of way!

It is interesting to see what names are on the lists at Top Conservatives on Twitter.

Some of these tweeters have many thousands of followers.   I… not so many.

But you can change that!

At least I am "interesting".

Hmmm… hey… WAIT!

In Minnesota, where I grew up, "interesting" was the Minnesota-Nice way of saying "not so much"…


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  1. I had a quick glance on the list (http://kithbridge.com/tcot/) and most of them don’t look familiar to me. But I’m glad you made it on the list, Father! :)

  2. AlwaysCatholic says:

    Father: First, for someone that really just started “twittering”, #36 on TCOT is fantastic. People that use twitter regularly for keeping up on politics and religion know the TCOT.

    Second: I see you realize that you nust have content that interests people in order to get followers. Luckily, in your case you have street cred. Keep sending out tweets & your followers will come.

    Third: Check out ping.fm. It is self-explanatory. I believe you will like it because of your busy schedule. Ping allows you to select all the sources you want to receive your info–well, just visit it.

    As you have seen in the last few days, twitter & social networks are literally assisting in a peoples cry for freedom. I think your question about what twitter was good for a couple of weeks ago has been answered.

    You are a super-savvy tech guy & twitter et al. is right up your alley.
    This is not about chat, this is about info and how to get it out there to those who need to read it. Go for it!!

    I will post a tweet about your readership getting on twitter to follow you.Remember to use hashtags i.e. #catholic #priest etc. Another way for people to find you. You may also creat your own hashtag. Simple stuff.

    God Bless you in your endeavor, we need to get your message of faith!

    Ad Iesum per Mariam,

    Sophia Guerra

  3. mrsmontoya says:

    I’m sorry, Fr., but not even for you will I twitter.

  4. I guess I really need some more instruction on hash tags.

  5. Matt K says:

    #SaveTheLiturgySaveTheWorld !!!!

  6. Thomas Gillespie says:

    I just don’t get this whole Twitter thing. Isn’t this just group texting? What’s the angle on it?

    I’m as ignorant as dirt.

  7. Limbo says:

    “I had a quick glance on the list (http://kithbridge.com/tcot/) and most of them don’t look familiar to me. But I’m glad you made it on the list, Father! :) “…

    obviously important to you ??

  8. irishgirl says:

    Thomas G-I’m like you about Twitter, ignorant as dirt.

    I just have an ‘ordinary’ cell phone…no bells and whistles on it.

    But I did decide to ‘tweet’…does one have to pay for the service?

    Just curious….

  9. Matt K says:

    Twitter is free and I use it as basically a news feed, like watching the AP wire without the blatant liberal slant. So if Fr. Z has an amazing article on his blog that he just published, he tweets with a URL to the article. Anyone following Fr. Z would then see the Tweet in their feed and say hey that Fr. Z guy is good, I think I’ll read that.

  10. Thomas Gillespie says:

    Matt K – where does the Tweet go? To your cell phone? iPhone? Email?

  11. You all bumped me to No. 34!

  12. Here we are now!

    In other categories you can see some big names.

    What I am doing here?


  13. IronHammer says:

    It’s interesting how seemingly trivial (and sometimes annoying) technology, like Twitter, come suddenly become the Vox Populi inside oppressive regimes. I am reminded of how IRC (Internet Relay Chat, for you non-tech types) played such an important role in getting information out of Iraq during the Gulf War and Desert Storm when both sides imposed a media blackout.

  14. Make me a Spark says:

    looks like you should run for President to me! LOL

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