A pint and some food

After all that edification I am ready for a pint of beer and nourishment! I am on the plaza of the British Library at this moment relaxing with a little sunlight before seeking the above. anyone want to join me?

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Hurry… I will make a move soon!


From supper…

We tried, on the left, decent but not excellent dried fried beef ho fun.  That is one that every restaurant should hit out of the park, or… rather… hit for a sixer… or something like that.  A bit greasy, though bland.  At least the noodles were not glued together.

On the right some not very good sliced duck stir fried with ginger and green onions.  It sounded good.  It was not.  There was no integration of flavors.  The ginger had nearly no zest even when you bit into slices. It was short on green onion and long on some nasty white onion done just enough to create with the duck fat a kind of viscous greenish yellow ooze, reminiscent of … well, something not very nice. 

It should have been served on a hanky, rather than a plate just to save a little time on the customer’s end.

For our entertainment this evening a self-absorbed young woman with a baby carriage did a lot of shouting with the staff in the back, and then proceeded to shout some more up in front about an orchid in the window, which was subsequently rearranged by staff before the self-absorbed women trundled her little treasure out into the street…. presumably to find someone else to annoy.

So… near the Leicester Square tube station on Lisle, Fu Zhou is a Phoo No!

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  1. MargaretMN says:

    My favorite Chinese place a couple of blocks from Leicester Square was Wong Kei’s. HUGE place, good food, almost rudely fast service and CHEAP. My recollection is that they only had 8 or 10 top tables so if you went alone, you’d have to sit with strangers. Oh, and the place is always filled with Asians, which should be a sign of authenticity. There was part of the menu only in Chinese and I always wondered what was on it. If I ever get back there, I want to take a picture of it and twitpic it to my Chinese friend so he can do an impromptu translation.

  2. Andrew says:

    Weird! The food in England looks just like the food here in Florida. It looks like something I could have picked up here at Jin Jin’s.

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