The British Library

Just the idea of it makes me marvel.

Think of the holdings…

Right now there is an exhibit on Henry VIII. It is the sad centennial of his sadder coronation. There is Henry stuff everywhere.

And as I take the Circle Line… I see it is raining again. grrrrrrrr

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  1. Bow before Cotton Vitellius XV (The Beowulf manuscript) for me!

  2. MargaretMN says:

    I am so happy to have gotten a chance to work in the old BL, attached to the British Museum. It was sort of midway between UCL and my lodgings in Tavistock square so I would camp out for hours in there reading for my courses. And I could think of all the famous scholars that had done it before I got there.

  3. Agnes says:

    In regards to Henry, I just remembered a Sunday Halloween homily from Msgr. Schuler:

    He was visiting a priest friend in England and they were having tea (or a pint, probably) in the rectory and there was a loud ruckus upstairs. The English priest excused himself and up the stairs he went. After a moment or two, he came back without comment and Fr. Schuler finally exclaimed, “What was that all about?!” “Oh, my friends up there. They were calling out from Purgatory for my prayers. I need to go comfort them once in awhile and they settle down.” Apparently, there were secret rooms for priests to hide out in and this particular group was caught. He went on to talk about God’s mercy to the Poor Souls.

    My only bunk with the story – and i never had enough gall back then to call him on it – was that these guys would have been martyrs and so in no need of purgation! It was a nice yarn though.

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