Fr. Z asks a favor… for fun

Please do me a favor… just for kicks.

Mulier Fortis, a friend of mine in England and good blogger, is interested in what sort of stat spike we can create.

Go POUND her site to bits.  All it takes is a click.

Are you a blogger? Pick this up and drive traffic.

Just as a tease…. here is a sample of her style…

Chris plays the organ at the 9am Mass. He apparently asked, "Shall I play Colours of Day during Communion?" I’m pretty sure he was joking. "Yes," came the reply, "do that… and I’ll send the boys round to break both your legs, and you can follow on with I watch the sunrise (through my hospital window)."

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  1. kate says:

    I’ve given Mulier a pound with this contribution
    ‘If you kum by yah one more time, I won’t lay my hands gently upon you and you won’t be walk, walk, walking in the light for some time’!

  2. I hear and obey. A post will go up later today. :)

    Now, if only there was somebody to give me a bump…

  3. Mac McLernon says:

    Heheheheh… thanks, Father Z! I figured that you must have risen to the challenge from the sudden spike this morning…

    Now, how many hours behind are you…?

  4. pelerin says:

    Thanks for pointing us to Mac’s site and most entertaining comments! Sadly I am familiar with many of these hymns. It got to the point when I was in danger of exploding if I heard one more ‘Clapping Gloria.’

    I now attend a different parish where ‘Faith of our Fathers’ and ‘The Lourdes Hymn’ are on the ‘menu’ not to mention the magnificent ‘Missa de Angelis’ – wonderful!

    Actually there is one modern hymn that did once move me to tears – in the right way. That is ‘Our God reigns’ which we all sung with such emotion in Wembley Stadium at the Pentecost Mass celebrated by Pope John Paul II. Strangely although I hoped we would sing it on perhaps the anniversary of his visit, I never did have the opportunity of singing it again.

  5. Tom says:

    Pelerin – that parish sounds great. Can you say where it is (I assume in it’s the UK)?

  6. Mac: how many hours behind are you…?

    hmmm… actually… I think we are right on time!

    But there are six hours difference now, I believe.

  7. Pelerin: That is the parish of the mighty Fr. Finigan in Blackfen, Kent

  8. I am not Spartacus says:

    Fr. When you say jump The Richter Scale spikes. [If only wishing could make it so!]

  9. denise says:


  10. pelerin says:

    Sorry Fr Z – you are incorrect! [Oppps… I thought someone was asking where Mac’s parish is. You see… I usually assume people want to stick with the topic of the entry, rather than pull the discussion elsewhere. o{];¬) ]

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