Fr. Z to England

I will be heading to England, through the help of WDTPRSers who contributed to the trip.

Now, I need to get an itinerary together.

There will perhaps be chances for a couple blogniks!

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Fr. Z is the guy who runs this blog. o{]:¬)
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  1. Of course culmination will be the celebration of Fr. Finigan’s 25th Jubilee of ordination on 28 July.

  2. LCB says:

    This post isn’t showing up on the main page, just on the “recent posts” column on the side.

  3. Frank H. says:

    Congratulations, Fr.Z, on securing the airfare.

    C’mon, WDTPRSers! Think of the great posts we’ll read from Fr. Z’s trip!

  4. Fr Matthew says:

    I’ll join your other readers praying you have a safe trip there and back, and that you and your luggage both depart and arrive on time, on the same plane (I’ve had some bad experiences recently…). Enjoy your trip!

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