The grapes and the mushrooms

When Dr. Stephen Maturin stays in London, he lodges at his digs at The Grapes in the precincts of the Savoy… that interesting autonomous zone.

Dr. Maturin is not the only one with grapes. 

I wonder what kind of mushrooms these are. Click for a larger image:

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  1. starybaca says:

    This looks to me like Pluteus petasatus – fairly common, non-edible mushroom, You would have to show a picture of gills and stalk to be more certain. Check if it looks like this from below:

  2. Clinton says:

    Looks like the grapes are coming along nicely. As Dr. Maturin would say, “Give you joy, Father!”.

  3. Clinton: “They are the grapes of the world, I’m sure!”

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