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How a bishop takes his hacks, in a newspaper

On the website of the Pioneer Press, a newspaper of my native place, Minneapolis and St. Paul, I found with the help of Stella Borealis that the new Auxiliary Bishop of St. Paul and Minneapolis, His Excellency Most Rev. Lee … Read More

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The grapes and the mushrooms

When Dr. Stephen Maturin stays in London, he lodges at his digs at The Grapes in the precincts of the Savoy… that interesting autonomous zone. Dr. Maturin is not the only one with grapes.  I wonder what kind of mushrooms … Read More

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What about this ministry at your parish?

I am not making this up… really…  a reader alerted me to this.   I see also that the young Papist found it too. In the bulletin and on the website of St. Agatha Parish in Milton, MA, we learn that … Read More

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A priest writes about his disconcerting experiences

From a priest reader with my emphases and comments: Really appreciate your blog. Priests like you give us other priests a lot of encouragement to keep working to bring more reverence to the liturgy. Thank you so so so much.  … Read More

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A parish priest’s feedback about the funeral of Sen. Kennedy

I have received a great deal of feedback by e-mail from readers concerning my comments on the funeral of the late Edward Kennedy, pro-abortion Catholic Senator. Most of the feedback was what you might expect: we should celebrate Kennedy’s life, … Read More

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ALERT UPDATE! POLL on ordination of women – dissssenters losing

CNA picked up the story. UPDATE 7 Sept 2357 GMT Should the Church allow women to be ordained as priests? Yes     (7073) 26.59%No     (19024) 71.51%I’m undecided     (508) 1.91%Total Votes: 26605 Go HERE for the original entry I did.Go HERE for … Read More

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