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ALERT! ALERT! Poll on ordination of women needs attention

On the website of the Cincinnati Enquirer there was an article about the disciplining of a woman religious who works in for the Archdiocese of Cincinnati.  She is in favor or, working for, the ordination of women.  Archbishop Pilarcyck is … Read More

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London Colney TLM training conference for priests: reports coming in

You might remember that in England there was to be a conference/workshop for priests to learn the TLM at a center run by the Archdiocese of Westminster.  The editors of RU-486 (aka The Bitter Pill aka The Tablet) in a … Read More

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Just when you thought your tech problems couldn’t get much worse… Space Weather News for Sept. 2, 2009http://spaceweather.com GEOMAGNETIC MEGASTORM: Northern Lights swept over Cuba and Hawaii. Telegraph offices caught fire.  Earth’s magnetic field shook for nearly a week. That’s … Read More

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A cut above

You know the old game, rock, paper scissors?  You know it, right? Paper covers rock – Scissors cut paper – Rock breaks scissors? An updated version might be: Hedge trimmer slices phone cable. Sometimes when the internet seems realllllly slowwwww, … Read More

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TIME Magazine’s liberal spin of the resignation of Bp. Martino (D. Scranton)

The resignation of Bp. Joseph Martino as Bishop of Scranton raised some eyebrows.  The eyebrows probably arched with the simultaneous resignation of the Auxiliary of Scranton.  Bishop Martino cited health problems.  I think we need to take him at his … Read More

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QUAERITUR: extraordinary ministers and “approach the altar”

From a reader: I have a question about the Redemptionis Sacramentum requirement that the extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion do not "approach the altar" until after the priest’s Communion… What is meant by "approach the altar"? Does it mean they should … Read More

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Miscellanea… wrapping up with Saul Alinsky

Have you ever wondered what all those plug-ins on your sound card are for? It is a good thing a standard color is used for most normal external speakers. I got my bluetooth working on my laptop again with the … Read More