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A priest reports: “The old Mass goes mainstream”

In the current number of the Catholic Herald (28 August) there is a piece by "Pastor Iuventus" entitled "The old Mass goes mainstream" He wrote: "I returned from Suffolk to attend the training conference [at London Colney] run by the … Read More


Catholic Herald front and center on “Reform of the Reform”

The Catholic Herald, the best Catholic weekly in the UK, has a front page piece on the Reform of the Reform of the Church’s liturgy.  It is penned by the wonderfully persistent Anna Arco. My emphases and comments. Vatican seeks … Read More

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Sean Card. O’Malley responds to critics of his decisions about the Kennedy funeral

The Archbishop of Boston, Sean Card. O’Malley, has a blog.   The Cardinal was recently a highly visible participant in the funeral Mass for the late Sen. Edward Kennedy (D-MA), a decades long promoter of abortion rights. The Cardinal, no surprise, … Read More

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First THURSDAY of the month – plenary indulgence offered

Remember! In this year dedicated to priests and prayer for priests, Holy Church has provided lay people with a special plenary indulgence on first Thursdays of each month. For the faithful, a plenary indulgence can be obtained on the opening … Read More

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Buy some soap, help some Nuns

I picked up from The Anchoress that some Dominican sisters in New Jersey are trying to raise some money by selling… wait for it… …soap. Soap is a good thing.  I am pretty sure this is girly soap, so I … Read More

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Follow @fatherz on Twitter

Twitter is turning into a great tool. CNN is reporting that conservatives have the upper hand over liberals in the use of Twitter. On that note, if you use Twitter, please consider following me.   @fatherz Let’s try to get my … Read More

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A few amused comments on polls

We have turned the tide on the nugatory poll about women’s ordination on the website of the Cincinnati newspaper.  GO HERE FOR MY POST. When I found the poll, 75% of respondents thought the Church should ordain women.  "HA!" quoth … Read More

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