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Late summer evening

I don’t think there will be many more evenings like this. The three bonsai trees. Can you believe this is the same Japanese maple as a few weeks back? Quite a contrast to what I was dealing with last week. … Read More

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webcam problem

I have noticed that, for quite a while, I haven’t been able to get rid of the bluish tinge on my webcam feeds. I have been looking around for solutions and have not found anything especially helpful. Ideas?


The Feeder Feed

There are zillions of Goldfinches around right now.  Their young are all squeaking for attention like diminutive squeeze toys.  In the meantime, TEAM GOLDFINCH is hard at the seed sock. I have some House Finches yet. I have also noticed … Read More

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Destin, FL: dog at Mass

I was alerted by several people to the following. In Destin, FL, the parish priest involved his dog in the Mass.  Well.. here is the e-mail. "The video [shows] one of many liturgical abuses during Sunday Mass, which also included … Read More


Pope Benedict to new bishops: Care for priests!

From CNA: Bishops receive advice from Pope on caring for priests Castel Gandolfo, Italy, Sep 21, 2009 / 10:43 am (CNA).- As he does every year, the Holy Father hosted a congress for all the bishops who were consecrated this … Read More


Card. Cipriani again! Communion on the tongue, kneeling. “Our souls are at stake.”

Remember the story from 23 August about Cardinal Cipriani in Lima, Peru? Cardinal Cipriani wants a communion plate or paten to be used reception on the tongue kneeling Now comes this 30 September from a reader in Peru: Dear Father … Read More

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Petition to Notre Dame Pres. Fr. Jenkins: Please drop the charges again pro-lifers

From TFP Student Action: URGENT petition to Notre Dame: Please drop the chargesBy TFP Student Action   September 10, 2009 The 88 outspoken pro-lifers peacefully walked onto Notre Dame’s campus in May to be the voice of the unborn – when … Read More

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“I cover my head when I worship.”

From KansasCity.com comes this, with my emphases and comments. Never mind the problems with terminology, dig right in and read to the end. My spirit came alive through Latin Mass I cover my head when I worship. I am not … Read More

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Churching of women

From a reader: I thought you might enjoy the attached photos from a baptism which took place in our parish today. I love how Holy Mother Church provides what we need.  As a woman, I am especially moved by the … Read More

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Ad orientem… in Korea

Here is a real brick by brick story from to warm the heart all the way from Korea. This comes by by of the Totus Tuus blog with a biretta tip to The Western Confucian. Note the date. The First … Read More

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