Blackfriars TLM for the English Martyrs

There are some very beautiful photos at Godzdogz of a TLM celebrated at Blackfriars, London for the feast of the English Martyrs.

Here is a sample.

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  1. Was this the Dominican rite? If the Roman, was that the first time it was publickly celebrated there, not just since the Council, but ever?

  2. Tim says:

    Father, I think you mean Blackfriars in Oxford, not London (where Blackfriars is now an Underground and railway station).

  3. patrick_f says:

    Beautiful altar. You know, in someways, I think the plain sanctuary walls help bring out the altar more, which is the focal point of any liturgy.

    Likewise, some of the oratories that are erected are a blessing, as they sometimes have the same characteristics

  4. PhilipNeri says:

    Yup, that’s Blackfriars, Oxford. . .and Fr. Simon Gaine, OP, presiding. And the dalmatic the deacon is wearing is the one I wore when I was ordained there in 2004. It is really heavy and hot. One of the cheeky English ladies at the garden party after the ordinations said I looked like an unusually large Chinese peasant woman on her wedding day! English humor, heh.

    Fr. Philip, OP

  5. viennaguy says:

    I was there! This beautiful Mass (Roman, not Dominican Rite) was followed by a well attended procession through Oxford led by Fr Leworthy FSSP along the route the 4 martyrs took to the gallows. Wonderful day despite the rain.

  6. Fra Alban says:

    As viennaguy points out, it was Roman Rite, but the entire Sanctuary party (with the exception, of the MC, were Dominican. This is rapidly becoming an annual event; there was one held last year as well. The Sacred Ministers were: Fr. Simon Gaine, OP- Celebrant, Fr. Richard Conrad, OP- Deacon, and Br. Lawrence Lew, OP- Subdeacon. It was the first time, I think, that Fr. Simon celebrated High Mass in the EF.

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