Thanks and The Feeder Feed

First and foremost, many thanks to RE of WA for the books Catholic Prophecy: The Coming Chastisement by Yves Dupont and The Mass and Modernity:Walking to Heaven Backward, by Jonathan Robinson.  Also Wrath of God: The Days of the Antichrist by Fr. Livio Fanzaga. 

I am also deeply grateful to the same RE, the kind soul, who sent the additional APC UPS unit.  These UPS units are very important.  They protect vital equipment and have, in fact kept my online.  This unit replaces the one fried in a lightening storm!

These all came from the amazon wish list.

I remember benefactors at the Lord’s altar and periodically say Mass for the intention of benefactors, those who have sent things and those who donate.  It is my honor and duty to do so.

Autumn is in full swing here, btw.

The news is so grim and the snarling of dissent in the Church is so bad on some days, that it is nice  just to have a view of something beautiful before gritting the teeth with a smile and getting back to work.

Back in the Sabine Forrest the sights are autumnal,… what else.

Meanwhile, back to the birds, who are also benefiting from your support, we see that they are fighting through the wind and rain to chow down at the feeder… relentlessly.

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  1. gmarie says:

    The colors and crispness of autumn provide such a wonderful respite for mind, body and soul. I can almost feel the cool fall air (we don’t have much of an autumnal season in SoCal unless you consider wild fire a “season” and the red in “red flag warning” a color of fall). Even the picture of rain is a welcome sight for my drought weary state. Thanks for sharing these beautiful sights!

  2. Fr. John Mary says:

    Yes, it’s been a “yucky” rainy day here in Wisconsin…we do need the rain. But I hope the autumn leaves will not be destroyed by the rain and wind; I love autumn. Such a contemplative season.

  3. lucy says:

    We’re in the Great Central Valley (aka the next dust bowl) of Cal. Autumn sites here are rare, indeed. Thanks for sharing your northern beauty with us. I really want some of those tasty apples from that tree in the picture! When you finish reading Yves Dupont’s book, please do a small piece on your blog regarding your thoughts.

  4. Willebrord says:

    I just remembered that Catholic Prophecy is one of those books a friend of mine gave me last Christmas! Never got around to reading it, what with two moves and other things that got in the way.

    Later though, he told me in an email that it over-steps the bounds in criticising VatII and the bishops and popes who have come after it (or something to that effect – basically arguments of incensed Lefebvrites). He told me to read it with a grain of salt.

    Do you (or anyone else here) know anything about this?

  5. Daniel_Nekic says:

    I actually have a copy of “The Mass and Modernity”, and found it a particularly good read.
    The philosophical section was a bit challenging, but all round a good book. I think you will enjoy it, Father.

  6. Mark Pilon says:

    I was given a copy of the book “Catholic Prophecy: the Coming Chastisement”. I was not impressed with it:

    Yves’ chapter titled “the comet” showed an appalling lack of an understanding of some of the science topics discussed and he wrote sections that were, in my opinion, nonsense (eg about hurricanes). It was very clear to me that he failed to properly research some (possibly all) subjects in this chapter. In addition he made historical claims (which I have never heard before) and gave no citations. Mind you, he does have a bibliography. Perhaps this information is buried in one of those books. In any case this very poorly written chapter makes me wonder how reliable the rest of the book is. I advise those who are not familiar with this topic to read this book with a great deal of caution.

    I remember seeing a hard cover book much better than this one that assimilated the various prophecies together about 15 years ago (and it did not have the word “thunder” in the title!)

  7. Luke says:

    Mark Pilon, I had to laugh when I read your description of Yves Congar’s work. He was both highly regarded and amiss (as you discovered). Somebody once accused me of having a wrong understanding of Tradition and I wound up getting a book for them by Father Congar, The Meaning of Tradition. The accusing party felt sure that the Holy Spirit works from the bottom up, and I see things the other way around. The person passed before I could give them the book. I’ll get to it someday. Just as soon as I memorize the first part of the Summa…

    Jonathan Robinson’s book about walking to Heaven backward is on my shelf and I’ve just dusted it off. Father Robinson’s other book is “Spiritual Combat Revisited.” He’s a deep thinker with a heart for others.

  8. Jordanes says:

    Luke, you’ve confused Father Yves Congar with Yves Dupont.

  9. Luke says:

    Oops! I don;t know Yves Dupont at all. Sorry…

    All apologies.

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