Kitties @ Twins

Go Twins!



KK of KC sms’d me:

"No one with a pulse can watch this game and not like baseball."



But that does not in any way capture how exciting this game was.

The Tigers had first place since 10 May 10 but the Twins caught them.   The Twins won 17 of their last 21 while the Tigers were 10-11.  The Twins were down 3 games with four to play.

Twins win in the 12th.

That game almost killed me.

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  1. Batting champ Mauer doubles!

  2. marajoy says:

    booooo…. (sorry, I couldn’t help it, especially since no one else had commented!)

  3. Matthew in Vancouver says:

    Sorry, Father. Either way, it’ll be the Yanks going to the ALCS. :-)

  4. Rob in Maine says:

    Yankees S….. I… I can’t type it on Father’s site. GO RED SOX!

    I’m for two teams; the Red Sox and whomever beats the Yankees ;).

  5. Matthew: It will be a pleasure watching the Yankees beaten by a small market team.

  6. Bottom 7th Twins Cabrera HR!

    HUGE HIT in this one game season!

    Kittes 3 Twins 4

    Then batting champ Mauer gets a hit!

    Go Twins!

  7. Kitties tie it. Oh well.

    I liked the announcers comment:

    It has been tied after 162 games, why not now?

  8. JohnMa says:

    Random fact: Jim Leyland’s brother is a priest in the Diocese of Toledo.

  9. Alfred says:

    4-4, bottom of the ninth…

    This is what every kid dreams of.

  10. Peggy R says:

    I’m with Dr. Eric. Go Cards!

  11. Pressure is on the Twins now. Kitties score in the top of the 10th.

  12. Alfred says:

    I LOVE October Baseball.

    What could possibly be better?

  13. Rob in Maine says:


  14. Denis Crnkovic says:

    Oh yes!

  15. I’m a lifelong Detroit Tiger fan (hey – I grew up listening to Ernie Harwell with my dad). It was a fantastic game. I lost all of my nails. Truth be told, the Twins earned it. Detroit should have had this in the bag last week.

    Next year!

  16. maynardus says:

    Wow is right. Even in a crappy venue like the Metrodome baseball is still the greatest of all sports. We couldn’t get it on t.v. or radio in Boston, had to listen through the static to an ESPN affiliate in Providence. Good luck to the Twinkies – at least in the ALDS ;-)

  17. Tim Ferguson says:

    Congrats to you Fr. Z and all the Twins fans. Thought we had it a couple of times there, but it just didn’t happen. Good news and Detroit just don’t seem to be going together these days.

  18. TomB says:

    WOW! Watta game. I can imagine that you were stressed! That was a great strikeout with the bases loaded.

    I’m getting my post season tix tomorrow.

  19. TomB: Yah… that was an edge of the seat game, for sure.

  20. andrew430 says:

    Congrats. I was pulling for the Twins to win the division… but since they’re playing my Yankees in the ALDS, my pulling for the Twins stops now.

  21. andrew: We shall together enjoy watching the great games… which the Twins win.

  22. Torpedo1 says:

    Oh Wow! What.. A Game! It’s the next day and I’m still happy over it. I’ve never heard Danny and the radio crew sound more alive. The Dome is not ready to give up baseball apparently… what a game!

  23. Agnes says:

    Praying for world peace, right thinking church leaders, ya-da-ya-da-ya-da…. we can pick that up again later, right? ;-}

    I’m praying for the Twins to win the World Series. GO GO GO!

  24. lacrossecath says:

    Fr Z, that was unbelievable! I’ve never witnessed a game like that with everything that was at steak. I saw there were some bitter Tiger fans whining that Brandon Inge was “hit” by a pitch while wearing a size XXXL uniform. That’s baseball folks.

  25. irishgirl says:

    I heard the end of the game on WFAN radio while I was trying to sleep. Wow-what an ending!

    You must have nearly had a heart attack there, didn’t ya, Fr. Z?

    But it’s still gonna be the Yankees who will win it all!

  26. lux_perpetua says:

    jeter’s 2-run homer tonight tasted just a little bit sweeter being the only yankees fan in a packed twins bar. went home and listened to the rest of the game on good ole am radio with the windows open for the ultimate nostalgic effect

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