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You know how in some feature films when there is a disaster or an asteroid is about to wipe out the earth, they flash various shots of different religious communities praying in the face of impending doom?

In Apollo 13 we see Paul VI.  In Armageddon we see John Paul II.  I don’t think John Paul I got a gig.

I just saw a shot of Pope Benedict on a feature movie!

Do you suppose he ever thought he would be that famous?

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  1. AML says:

    And what movie might that be?

  2. Catherine says:

    Well, at least someone realizes that that is the authority to be turning to in the face of impending doom.

  3. bookworm says:

    Shouldn’t this be in the “Global Killer Asteroid Questions” category? :-)

  4. bookworm: You are right! I will add that right away.

  5. I think Father is referring to 2012. In one scene, the back of the Pope (at least one would assume it is the Pope) in cope and miter is briefly seen on the loggia of the Basilica, right before the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel collapses (the initial crack separating the hands of God and Adam), crushing the Sacred College, and the dome of St. Peter’s topples over onto the huddled masses in the square.

  6. Dreadful film by the way. Yes, the effects were amazing, but the anti-religious sentiments of the director are more than obvious (except of course those regarding the Muslims- he openly refused to show the Kaabaa amongst the many destroyed landmarks for fear of getting a fatwa on his head- St. Peter’s and the statue of Christ in Rio were fair game). The socialist overtones had me gagging.

  7. SimonDodd says:

    Benedict XVI “appears” (in the literal sense) in the remake of “The Day the Earth Stood Still,” IIRC.

  8. Ah, I thought you mean he appeared as a minor character, acted by another, not actual film footage of His Holiness.

  9. Titus says:

    I don’t remember where in Apollo 13 there’s a shot of Paul VI.

  10. Kimberly says:

    Titus – I missed that one also. Have to go back and watch again.

  11. Frank H says:

    It’s a pretty gripping scene as a TV announcer (Cronkite?) reports on the reaction of people all over the world to the drama in space. There are brief shots of people in prayer in different countries. I remember really being struck by the quick scene of Paul VI when I first saw the film in a theater years ago. Not sure why. Just seemed moving to me.

  12. Irish says:

    The Day The Earth Stood Still? I saw it last night on cable and noticed His Holiness. I thought it was a rather stupid movie with a typical leftist “the earth must be saved from humans” message. Oh please.

  13. irishgirl says:

    I never watched ‘Apollo 13’, so I wouldn’t have known that Pope Paul VI made a ‘cameo’ appearance in it.

  14. Tom Ryan says:

    No, he’s rather shy

  15. PatrickV says:

    The GKA aside, although they may be quite spectacular, I draw your attention to the recent History Channel offering of WW2 in HD.

    If you watch the entire series you will come away with the impression that it was a Catholic Army doing the fighting. Every scene that I saw that had a religious connection was of Chaplain Priests saying Holy Mass, or hearing confessions. Of young soldiers or sailors receiving Communion or going to confession, or saying the Rosary.

    Some of the most poignant scenes were those of Catholic Chaplains, purple stoles and all, giving the Last Rites to the Fallen.

    This is big stuff. It was not left on the cutting room floor, it was there for all to see.

    I did not see Pius XII, or bishops or cardinals, but I did see Priests risking their lives for the souls of their flocks. Up there on the front lines, doing God’s work. And I saw brave men who were not afraid to pray to God.

    Sorry to go off topic.

  16. idatom says:


    I don’t find it unusual to see popes in end time flicks or any movie. How many times have we been taken into the confessional or an old fashion church where the priest and nuns are easily recognized? The world hears, the church, and understands The Catholic Church.
    I watched that WWll footage on The History Channel. What fantastic priest they make me proud to be Catholic.
    More than half of the casualties in that war were Catholic, you will never learn that from Hollywood or the lame stream media.

    Keep the Faith
    Tom Lanter

  17. Rob Cartusciello says:

    Off topic, but one of my favorite scenes is from Band of Brothers: D plus 3 (Carentan):

    FATHER MALONEY rosary in hand, walks down the middle of the street, blessing the wounded and dying. The shells whistle by overhead.

    MORE AND MALARKEY duck into a doorway as sniper fire pings around them. More looks out and sees Father Maloney.

    MORE: Hey, Malarkey, you see what I see?

    Malarkey follows his gaze.

    MALARKEY: Crazy fools, the Irish.

  18. Jordanes says:

    Apollo 13 is one of my favorite films and have seen it many times. I recall the film’s use of news footage of the whole world praying the beleaguered astronauts home, including shots of Pope Paul VI.

  19. Irish: Yes, that was the film. A truly stupid film it was, too.

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