POLL ALERT!! Bp. Tobin and Rep. Kennedy over Holy Communion.

I posted about the decision of Bp. Tobin of Providence, Rhode Island to ask pro-abortion Catholic Rep. Patrick Kennedy (D-RI) not to present himself for Holy Communion.

Bishop Tobin has pointed out that Rep. Kennedy’s pro-abortion stance is incompatible with the Catholic faith Kennedy’s says he embraces.  Kennedy’s open statements and actions are inconsistent with the teaching of the Catholic Church.  He must not present himself for Communion until he changes his positions.  He must not be given Holy Communion until he changes his positions. 

I think this same approach must be and eventually will be applied to other highly visible pro-abortion Catholics, especially those in politics.

Now… here is YOUR part.

There is a POLL on the site of a Boston media outlet.

I agree with the Church… with a Capital C.

Please go vote.

BLOGGERS! Link to this post.

I am not quite sure but it may be possible to vote more than once, something the liberals will surely take advantage of.  Therefore, EVERYONE should vote once, to be counted.   If all WDTPRS readers take five seconds to do this, there should be a big impact. 

ALL WDTPRSers… five seconds.

UPDATE 24 Nov 0325

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  1. wanda says:

    Voted! Sharing link with my faithful email list! I’m with the little lady in the video in the blue knit hat!! She’s my kinda woman!

    Thanks for alerting us, Father.

    There has been a big change in those numbers already.

  2. Brian Day says:


    38% Agree
    59% Disagree
    3% Not Sure

    The poll is starting to move!

  3. tewter says:


    I think those who disagree either don’t want to live their faith or don’t understand the Church’s teaching on the reception of the Holy Eucharist. Of course, politicians have always wanted to reduce religious issues to political ones when those issues are in conflict with the power and wealth of the politician.

    I am so proud of Bishop Tobin for standing tall on this.

  4. wanda says:

    Agree with Church – 1367
    Dis-agree – 1904

    wdtprs’ers respond at the speed of light.

  5. irishgirl says:

    I voted ‘Agree with Church’.

  6. tewter says:

    Another thought:

    Somebody on another site commented that it was inconsistent that Cardinal O’Malley took part in Ted Kennedy’s Catholic funeral Mass while Bishop Tobin is telling Patrick K. not to receive Holy Communion when both Kennedy’s are pro-abortion. That Kennedy funeral is going to come back to haunt the American bishops more than once.

  7. o.h. says:

    “… Tobin, an ultra orthodox bishop…”

    Oh please. I guess now that “devout” = “willing to self-identify as a Catholic in public, despite profound dissent,” we have to upgrade “orthodox” to “ultra orthodox.”

  8. crnugent says:


    My local paper, which shows it’s anti-catholic bias more often than not, has done it once again with the healine on this article: “Bishop admits to asking Kennedy to skip Communion” Admits? Like confessing a crime? Zheesh!

  9. kellym says:

    Go Bishop Tobin!

    “Patches” Kennedy is a rep in Rhode Island only because even Massachusetts wouldn’t have him. If I recall, these two have had their scuffles before, but now with dear old dad gone, he’s out on the ice floe alone.

    Here’s an article link from today’s Providence Journal.

    In the immortal words of Mayor Daley: “Vote early and often!”

  10. chironomo says:

    I’m sure Bp. Fellay will be dismayed to read that Bp. Tobin is “ultra-orthodox”. I guess Fellay will now have to be called “Super-Ultra-Orthodox” or something!

  11. chironomo says:


    Gaining quickly on the “disagreeable”

  12. Doc Angelicus says:

    It was 47% agree and 51% disagree, with about 4200 votes when I voted a few minutes ago.

  13. Voted in agreement, and posted. The votes are still in favor of “disagree” but it seems that the trend is turning.

  14. DominiSumus says:

    Currently at 48% Agree and 50% disagree

  15. wanda says:

    It’s now even-up!

    Nice work, Fr. Z. and wdtprs’ers!

  16. Catherine says:

    Whoo-hoo! 49% – 49%….
    Do they count our votes more than once?
    I take great exception to the term “ultra-orthodox bishop,” in reference to Bishop Tobin.

  17. Dr. Eric says:

    49%-49% even at my vote.

  18. MichaelJ says:

    Is it my imagination, or has there been a significant bump in the number of polls pertaining to Catholic issues recently?

    It seems to me that many in the MSM are trying to reassure themselves.

  19. emily13 says:

    49% agree with the Church, 48% disagree….

  20. icxc says:

    Since when did the Church become a democracy. Does not the Bishop have authority in his diocese?

  21. ghlad says:

    Fr. Z, I was wondering if you put in the anonymous proxy in order to anonymize the traffic coming from your site to the poll. Shouldn’t we be loud n’ proud?

  22. john 654 says:

    I just voted and its now 50 Agree to 47 Disagree

  23. biberin says:

    i’m liking the anonymous proxy. If it wasn’t used, would they be able to ban/redirect traffic linked from here?

  24. Jerry says:

    The vote is now 2785-2498 (52%-46%) in favor of the Church!

  25. irishgirl says:

    52% in favor?


    The WDTPRSers strike again!

  26. MaryW says:

    Just voted. 52% still in favor.

    Thanks be to God!

  27. DisturbedMary says:

    A poll for those who voted NO.

    I resent God telling me what to do through his Church.
    I have a conscience clause written into my faith.
    I would be happy to send back my baptismal certificate.
    All of the above.

  28. SophiaGrace says:

    It is now 53% agree with the Church- including my vote!

  29. erinalicia says:

    “…Kennedy could appeal the decision to officials in the Vatican…”
    -yeah, good luck with that!!

  30. LarryD says:

    Just voted – 54 Agree, 44 Disagree.

  31. robtbrown says:

    “…Kennedy could appeal the decision to officials in the Vatican…”
    -yeah, good luck with that!!
    Comment by erinalicia

    Let him appeal to the Apostolic Signatura, headed by Abp Burke.

  32. acmeaviator says:

    It’s a shame that while the poll shows clear support for the Church the comments they chose to show on the homepage are negative. It must really be difficult when the data disproves the narrative you are trying so hard to construct:) Next we’ll be hearing “Hackers infiltrate News 5 poll, more at 11!”

  33. Seraphic Spouse says:

    I lived in Boston, so I felt fine about voting FOR the One True Faith against the tin idol of the Democrats.

    Once again, I cannot understand why Boston Catholics worship the Kennedy Family. It truely boggles the mind.

  34. Kerry says:

    When do the polls for Pelosi to be booted out come along?

  35. jimsantafe says:

    Hi Fr. Z.,

    Could you please post the URLs to copy and paste for these polls? The anonymizers you hot-linked are blocked by the seminary’s web-filter.

    Jim Larkin
    North American College

  36. archambt says:

    Yeah, anonymizers seem pretty paranoid and sketchy to me. If we really want to make a point, lets make it clearly.

    “But archambt, But archambt!” You might say, “They’ll just block this site so we can’t vote using hotlinking!”

    Then post the real link, and copy paste. Easy enough.

  37. emily13 says:

    Well, so I find this interesting. I read some comments and decided to respond to the top two. So, I crafted my response, clicked submit and received the following warning:

    “Your comment contains a word or words which are considered inappropriate. Please edit the text of your comment and resubmit.”

    Here is my comment, directed at two other comments:

    ree616 – No, priests are not going to start asking every parishioner. There is a difference when you are obstinate against Church teaching in the public eye. Bishop Tobin did exactly as he should sending that letter and requesting a private meeting with Kennedy in 2007 — remember it is Kennedy who chose now to bring it to the public forum. And don’t be so quick to the conclusion that the Church is losing parishioners by the hundreds. Here is just one example: “…largest class of converts the Archdiocese of Baltimore has seen this decade. Nine hundred and eighty-four local adults are preparing to become Catholics during Holy Week this year, a third more than joined the church locally in 2008.” http://www.baltimoresun.com/news/maryland/bal-md.catholic05apr05,0,4672810.story

    puppymom – Everyone who approaches to receive the Eucharist should be prepared to do so, but that is upon them to be in a state of grace to receive. A priest or bishop cannot know if a person has been regularly attending Mass.

    Am I missing something inappropriate in there???

  38. cato_the_younger says:

    emily13 –

    If I had to guess, entering a link to a competing paper is verboten.

  39. emily13 says:

    ahh…didn’t think of that, I’ll try again…

  40. rinkevichjm says:

    Finally a so-called Catholic given interdict. Maybe some views in the pews will be changed. Or at least some consciences will be reformed.

    D?ku Dievui!

  41. 5000 votes agree with the Church (60%)
    3183 votes disagree with the Church (38%)
    141 votes not sure (2%)

    as of 7:09pm PST

  42. Jakub says:

    Voted, 60% agreed with Church teachings…

    My home city…now stuck in Los Angeles @ Hotel Kalifornia

  43. Frank H says:

    Did anyone catch Bp. Tobin on Chris Matthews’ Hardball program tonight? Matthews was a complete and total horse’s arse. I cannot imagine him being anywhere near as rude and belligerent to a cleric of another religion as he was with this good bishop. I thought the role of a guy like Matthews was to ask questions of his guests, not lecture them. Incredible.

  44. Frank H: Missed that. I hope it is YouTubed.

  45. Frank H says:

    Yes, it is on YouTube. I was alerted by a tweet from AUL.


  46. wanda says:

    Frank H you hit the nail on it’s (pin) head.

  47. Supertradmom says:

    Thank God for such a great bishop! I voted.

  48. cato_the_younger says:

    Frank H –

    Ughhh. I love Bishop Tobin but he was boxed into a corner by Mathews. Tobin came back at the end. F. Z do they give PR training to Bishops? If not I would recommend it.

  49. Frank H says:

    For the life of me, I can’t understand why anyone would agree to go on Matthews’ show. He never lets the guest get a word in.

  50. Frank H says:

    See this Opinion piece from Catholic Online, concerning the Bp. Tobin / Chris Matthews interview…


  51. Konichiwa says:

    I love the ol’ lady interviewed at the end! Is she Irish? I just love her answer and her accent.

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