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In no special order here are a few images and notes from Florida and a maternal visit. I made some spaghetti … nothing special. Just good ingredients combined and presented in simplicity.

Nice to have fresh basil off a plant in the ground at this time of year. There are no palm trees or orchids at the Sabine Farm.

Nor is there any papyrus… though there should be!

A friend of my mother and my mother herself are both diligent in the creative conversion of old stuff into new stuff. Here are a few interesting applications of shards of stained glass to old guitars and other stringed instruments. These are the pretty striking in person, and I can’t help contemplating a metaphor.

The whole family are fans of bluegrass and many if them play instruments. At gatherings they sometimes play together. In their kitchen you can what can be done with one of these guitars and some car detailing stuff.

Being in Florida there is strong dedication to NASCAR and the Gators.

I was also struck by an old violin with a pink breast cancer awareness ribbon worked into the design.

The local Catholic church is dedicated to St Helena. It is a sober neo-Romanesque structure.

It seems to be a reasonably serious and busy parish, lots of northern "snow birds", with a strong pro-life spirit. The are sundry birds I don’t know but they don’t wait for me and my iPhone to get near. I especially enjoy the Sand Hill Crane. Oh well. The waning day is nice.

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  1. I know that church. Lovely area.

    I love the bluegrass and NASCAR references, of course!

  2. Cathy: I think the guitars and other instruments are for sale.

  3. No website. At least I don’t think so. But I could get you in touch.

  4. mibethda says:

    St. Helen was spared some of the more egregious post V.II alterations and lacks the sterile modernism of most of the other Vero area churches. Somewhat unusual for a Church built in the 50’s, it has a floor with a noticeable slant towards the front.
    Since the instruments appear to have retained their strings, I assume they are capable of being played. I wonder how the added layer of mosaic glass affects the sound.

  5. PatrickV says:

    Beatiful Church. My experience in Florida is that you either find a beautiful church, or a sad modernist structure.

    When visiting my wife’s parents I usually am on the lookout for various avian pals. I have been fortunate to sight an Anhinga twice, osprey many times, and what I think is a boat tailed grackle quite a few times.

    And many pelicans, which could bring up a discussion of ye noble pelican and its symbolism for the Christian.

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