Taking HIM to the streets in Kansas City with the Catholic Youth

From The Catholic Key of Kansas City, MO.

The National Catholic Youth Conference is in full swing.

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  1. JustDave says:

    Wow! What a beautiful sight.

  2. yatzer says:

    Wow! I’d love to see that here. I’m about 3x too old to be IN that procession of youth, but I’d love to see it.

  3. NurseNell says:


  4. irishgirl says:

    I echo JustDave’s comment-wow, indeed!

    That is sooo cool! God bless Bishop Finn!

    Yeah, yatzer, I’m ‘too old’ to be at that conference, but I would have loved to see this, too!

  5. wanda says:

    How beautiful. Deo Gratias. I haven’t qualified as a youth for many moons, but what a blessing for the Church and the world. I would love to see this in MD.

  6. TKS says:

    What a marvelous sight. I am so used to seeing only loud “protest” kinds of marches in the streets. The contrast of a joyful reverence for God should turn heads and hearts.

  7. This is just over-the-top stupendous!
    Thank you, Archbishop Naumann and Bishop Finn, for your leadership in this extraordinary witness to the Real Presence of Jesus in the Holy Eucharist, and the proper way to adore and honor Him.
    And to the organizers and participants, bless you! This made reparation for all the awful things happening throughout the world these past days.

  8. jaykay says:

    Absolutelty AWESOME! Witness or what? On a cold, wet, stormy, miserable Saturday here in Ireland this just lifted me right up.

  9. Greg Smisek says:

    Shouldn’t that be “Taking IHM to the streets…”? ;-)

    A lovely sight. Now if we could just get that turnout for the Corpus Christi procession in the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis.

  10. We need many more of these!

  11. Mitchell NY says:

    Every imaginable parade passes under the sun on New York’s 5th Avenue..Can’t we get one of these? I wonder if the city would grant a permit for this.

  12. Dr. Eric says:

    Here you go, Mitchell NY:


    By the way, this is an awesome piece of news, Father. Glory to God in the Highest!

  13. Greg Smisek says:

    “IHM ”
    Sorry, miss-firing synapses. Never mind.

  14. Maltese says:

    A very positive and inspiring photo!

  15. Cath says:

    My 15 and 16 year old daughters are there right now. Got a few texts about what a wonderful time they are having.

  16. Totus Tuus says:

    I had the opportunity to be there, but unfortunately I wasn’t able to get out of school to do so.
    Seeing such a beautiful photo just drives home what I have sadly missed.
    God bless those youth, and God bless the priests snd bishops who were there!

  17. mwidunn says:

    This is all very nice and beautiful to see.

    Then again, thousands upon thousands of Catholic youths have come out to see the Pope at the various World Youth Days. So, . . . I’m still kind of wondering where the New Spring of Renewal is?

    As Fr. Z would say: I’m just askin’.

  18. chloesmom says:

    Wow, I’d love to see that in Montreal — or anywhere in Quebec! Absolutely amazing.

  19. zgietl says:

    It’s amazing how things have changed in the Church since Pope Benedict’s election. I attended the same event in 2006, and let’s just say that this did not happen. Now this gives me hope that they might be doing some authentic Catholic music at the closing Mass rather than the Praise Jesus-Rock Style stuff.

  20. Hidden One says:

    The day the closing Mass of such a conference is done reverently, ad orientem with Gregorian Chant and incense in a suitable Church… that day shall do more to solve our various vocations crises than most other days in this pontificate.

  21. Sublimely beatiful. Deo Gratias.

    What is that massive thing in the background? One of the spaceships from V?

  22. wanda says:

    ‘Taking IHM to the streets’. I love it, good one, Greg.

  23. The day everyone in the world gets a pony:

    Some people will only see it as a waste removal problem.

    Some people will complain because it’s not a Clydesdale, or it’s the wrong color.

    Some people will complain that it moves and makes noise.

    Some people will complain that it only makes enough soup for a few days, and after that the meat and hooves are all gone.

    But some people will just be happy to have a pony, and other people will ride.

  24. I love the street sign above the procession.

  25. pyrosapien says:

    I was just posting something about the street sign Father…. you beat me to it.

  26. Father Totton says:

    Sean P. Daily asked about the spaceship in the background – that is KC’s new arena – The Sprint Center. Yes, it does look like a giant spaceship.

  27. Tom Ryan says:

    “I love the street sign above the procession.”

    Which sign, Father? “Main Street” or the one partially obscured in the back, “Power and Light”…

  28. GordonB says:

    Kewl… the Priest (now Bishop) who married my wife and I is in that pic!

  29. Tom Ryan says:

    Oh no! Someone else with the same name…

  30. Tom Ryan says:

    “Oh no! Someone else with the same name…”

    Tom, it could be worse. You could be attending Thanksgiving Dinner at the home of former boxer, George Foreman (and his five sons, all named George).

    Tom Ryan

  31. john 654 says:

    This is right through the heart of KC’s new Power & Light District filled with Restuarants & Bars. I’d love to some pics in middle of the procession of the people looking out the restuarant windows. Way more people here in that area than last years Big 12 Hoop Tourney. Way MORE and whats pathetic is I can’t find one mention of it on the KCStar’s web frontpage and they wonder why no one is reading their liberal crap. The story makes just a little page 2 item. They do have photo gallery of 126 pics but none show the size of the procession. Just close ups of kids on cell phones etc…

  32. MikeM says:

    Being only a few years older than these kids, it’s really comforting to see these faithful Catholics. It’s really heartening on days when I find our Church smeared in our campus paper.

  33. Sandra_in_Severn says:

    What I miss most from my short time living in Germany, the public processions like this. Deo Gratias

  34. Warren says:

    “O when the saints… go marchin’ in!” Imagine such processions occurring in all major North American cities on regular basis – Corpus Christi, for starters. Our lamp no longer hidden under a bushel. Ecclesia Militans!

  35. JFrater says:

    I have never seen such a sea of polyester! If only they would wear garments that are befitting such an occasion.

  36. pelerin says:

    Fr Z mentions the street sign and someone asks which one – Main Street or Power and Light.

    Both are very appropriate if you think of Christ’s words when He said ‘I am the Way, the Truth and the Light.’

  37. Father Totton says:

    the observaion about the pony is apropos. Much as we might like to see more dignified vestments, can’t we just be thankful this morrning that 22k Catholic youth would form up and follow our Eucharistic Lord in an expression f faith? In 97 this didn’t happen a NCYC, so ride your pony and shut up!

  38. TNCath says:

    God bless Bishop Finn! Ad multos annos!

  39. robtbrown says:

    The bearded and bald OCarm in the far right in the photo is the assistant pastor at a parish when I sometimes attend mass.

    Small world.

  40. Central Valley says:

    The Church militant. What a show of power. Sadly we never see such things in California. We are known for our three days of darkness in Los Angeles every year. The diocese of Fresno tries to imitate LA with an education congress but it is nothing at all like this picture.

  41. pattif says:

    Today, the Feast of Christ the King in the OF calendar, is also designated as Youth Sunday in England and Wales (don’t ask why…). I wish I thought there was anything remotely as wonderful as this going on anywhere in England and Wales today.

  42. wanda says:

    Greg, I’ll get it right eventually. I think ‘Taking IHS to the streets’ is what you were going for. Still a great one.

    I wonder what is changing hands there in the lower left of the picture, between a man on the sidewalk and someone in the procession? Thoughts anyone? I’ll wager that it is not Holy Communion from one of those pez-dispensers.

  43. Father Totton says:

    Wanda, My guess is that what you see there is a cleric, or a seminarian, who encounters somebody he knows and wants to say “hello” by shaking hands, but lacks the awareness that the procession is still going on – This often happens in some parishes at the end of Mass when the priest feels an impulse to glad-hand as he makes the path down the center aisle.

  44. Actually, there seems to be something in the guy’s hand which he’s giving the seminarian. The question is what?

    A) Offering.

    B) Chick Tract.

    C) Restaurant menu with coupons.

  45. Thomas in MD says:

    “We don’t care about no stinking red lights!”

    What an edifying sight.

  46. Sacristymaiden says:

    Suburbanbanshee: I believe the thing the seminarian is being handed or giving back is a water bottle–and an Arrowroot one at that.

  47. ssoldie says:

    Tradition, beauty ,reverance, awe, and all those who do not know why, maybe wanting to find out. Wonderful, wonderful.

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