Let’s keep an eye on POLLS about Ven. Pius XII

I am guessing that in the wake of the declaration of Pius XII as Venerable, there may be a few dust ups in the press.  I am guessing there will be polls about this, too.

Keep an eye out for polls?

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  1. Br. Anthony says:

    “Venerable” Pius XII. That sounds good.

  2. tzard says:

    There’s a poll on the New York Daily News.
    Do you think the Pope was too quick to venerate Pius?


    “Yes” is beating “NO”
    50% to 42%

  3. MaryW says:

    I just voted No. Poll is now 48% Yes and 44% No.

  4. Roland de Chanson says:

    Title of the NY Daily News article in which the poll appears: “Pope Benedict XVI declares Pius XII ‘venerable,’ angering Jewish groups”

    Of course the Pope was too quick to venerate Pius XII.

    Just as Pius was too quick to accept the conversion of Rome’s Chief Rabbi, Rabbi Israel Zolli, who took Pacelli’s baptismal name as his own.

    Just as Golda Meir, Pinchas Lapide, Albert Einstein, Elio Toaff, Bernard Baruch, and many other Jewish luminaries were too quick to praise and thank Pius XII.

    Pio XII. Santo subito! Giovanni Paolo II. Che aspetti un po’.

  5. pelerin says:

    Have just voted. It’s neck and neck at 46%.

  6. KAS says:

    voted too.

    It is wonderful to see these fine men advancing toward being declared Saints!

  7. I posted on the New York Daily News story HERE.

    Post comments about that story and that poll there.

    Keep us informed about other stories and other polls.

  8. Domini: Is that really a poll starting from “atheism”?

  9. DominiSumus says:

    Fr. Z, yes! Apparently the athiests aren’t content with their own lack of faith, but are out to destroy those with faith.

    Now, before anyone thinks I spend my time surfing athiesm sites, I found the poll by googling “Pope Pius XII Poll” and that was one of the results.

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