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Dust up in Japan over new translation

In the UK’s weekly liberal fishwrap The Tablet (aka The Pill aka RU486) there is a note about a tussle over the new translation in Japan. JAPAN JAPAN’S BISHOPS have clashed with the Vatican in an effort to keep their … Read More

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POLL ALERT: Le Figaro on Ven. Pius XII … AUX ARMES!

Aux armes, citoyens! In another entry I asked you readers to keep your eyes peeled for online POLLS about the decision of Pope Benedict XVI to promulgate the decree regarding the heroic virtues of Ven. Pius XII. A reader alerted … Read More

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QUAERITUR: priest says not to lift the chasuble during TLM

From a reader: Our TLM priest has asked the altar servers not to lift his chasuble during the elevations. Says it distracts him.Anyway, I was wondering if the chasuble lifting is just a tradition or if it is such a … Read More

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