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I had a very fine left over carcass!   I am making soup.  Chicken soup.  A savory roasted chicken having been consumed, I extracted from the freezer stock made at various times in the summer, to which, as it was … Read More

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NY Daily News article on Pius XII (POLL ALERT)

You knew that as soon as the ball started rolling again in the cause of Pope Pius XII, as Pope Benedict XVI did today, the naysayers would resume their detraction. What always astonishes me is how the earlier lies so … Read More

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Some recent posts

Some posts of interest: ALERT! Maniples in the news! Is the Holy See “copyrighting” Ven. Pope John Paul’s name? PETITION PROJECT HELP REQUEST: We’ve Waited Long Enough Intriguing book by SSPX – “The Problem of the Liturgical Reform: A Theological … Read More

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In Belleville, Bp. Braxton takes a stand on kneeling (POLL ALERT)

On the site of a newspaper in SW Illinois, St. Louis, bnd.com there is an article about the Bishop of Belleville, Most Rev. Edward Braxton. It seems that in one of the parishes in the diocese of Belleville, people are … Read More

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Let’s keep an eye on POLLS about Ven. Pius XII

I am guessing that in the wake of the declaration of Pius XII as Venerable, there may be a few dust ups in the press.  I am guessing there will be polls about this, too. Keep an eye out for … Read More

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ALERT! Maniples in the news!

I don’t know how many times I have had discussions with liberal priests about the use of the maniple.  For some reasons liberals hate maniples, which in itself is a good enough reason to wear them as often as possible. … Read More

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Expectation of the Blessed Virgin – interesting customs

Over at the excellent Lion & Cardinal there is an entry about today’s traditional observance of the Expectation of the Blessed Virgin. My emphases and comments: Dom Prosper Gueranger: This feast, which is now kept not only throughout the whole … Read More

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Anti-Catholic, anti-priest move by Celebrity Cruises

For the following, keep two points in mind. Priests will tell you that they often hear some pretty amazing confessions when they visit a parish where they are not usually assigned, or even when they are traveling.  It is a … Read More

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VENERABLE John Paul II and… by the way…. PIUS XII!!

Blindsided! The title of "Venerable" is given to those whom Holy Church determined within a reasonable doubt lived a heroic life of virtue.   The Congregation for Causes of Saints examines the documentation presented to make the case that the Servant … Read More

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Is the Holy See “copyrighting” Ven. Pope John Paul’s name?

 From VIS: DECLARATION ON THE PROTECTION OF THE FIGURE OF THE POPE Recent years have witnessed a great increase of affection and esteem for the person of the Holy Father. There has also been a desire to use the Pope’s … Read More