Google Thingy on the side bar

I put a Google Thing on the side bar. 

I am not quite sure what it’s for… but…

I put a Google Thing on the side bar. 

I think people are supposed to … I don’t know…  something….

UPDATE 9 Jan 2226 GMT:

There are 99 so far since the original posting at 7 JAN 0111 GMT

Not sure if that is good or not.

UPDATE 10 Jan 0615 GMT:

Lots of pictures of people’s pets.  Interesting.

Especially cats.  What’s with that, anyway?

131 now.

UPDATE 11 Jan 2000 GMT:

163 now.  Have you signed up?

UPDATE 15 Jan 1859 GMT:


UPDATE 19 Jan 0312 GMT:


I have also joined a bunch of other people’s google thingies.

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Fr. Z is the guy who runs this blog. o{]:¬)
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  1. Mary Rose says:

    Good morning, Fr. Z!

    Well, I used the “Google Thing” on the side bar to…become a fan? A follower? A friend? I can’t keep all this social media lingo straight. (lol) [You aren’t alone!]

    However, it is good to see this option. (If indeed it is the you’re referring to.) I have a Blogger account and it has a “followers” widget, too. I’ve been mulling over a switch to a WordPress account but liked “meeting” other Catholics with the Friend Connect function. Now I remember that Google bought Blogger, so as long as WP plays nice with Google, I can still have that feature.

    I always like clicking on the faces to find out more about someone. Hopefully more folks will fill out their profiles and add a picture. :-)

  2. maskaggs says:

    Thanks for the option, Father.

  3. LarryD says:

    I have that Google thing in the sidebar at my blog too, Father. Go ahead and click on it…you know you want to… :-)

    Ditto maskaggs comment. Thank you!

  4. patrick_f says:

    I like the RSS thingie myself. I’ll have to check out the google thingie

  5. Agnes says:

    Ok, I did the google thingy. So does that hook up with the facebook thingy? Too many thingies to keep track of. Oh for the days when it was just email…

  6. The Egyptian says:

    I posted my picture, a cut from my first communion picture, Many Many Many Moons ago. boy were things different then

  7. TonyLayne says:

    Okay, so I joined using the Google whatchamajigger, but I couldn’t find a Facebook dealibob. You’re now at 125 and growing. Isn’t it nice to have so many potential stalkers haunting your site?

  8. Nora says:

    I am connected … to the thingy.

  9. Vincenzo says:

    Z: “There are 99 so far since the original posting at 7 JAN 0111 GMT
    Not sure if that is good or not.”

    Yes – it took me 2 months to get less than half that many! :-}

  10. Nora: Thanks for connecting to the thingy.

  11. Vincenzo: it took me 2 months to get less than half that many.

    Ummm… is that good?

    Is this like golf, where the low score wins?

  12. Tony: I could add the Facebook doohicky also. Haven’t gotten to that yet.

    Would that pick up all my “friends” on Facebook too?

  13. TonyLayne says:

    Y’know, FB is great in some ways, because I’m back in touch with many people I’ve missed for years. On the other hand, there is such a thing as “too much information”. And I don’t have nearly the free time I’d need to play all the games I get invited to. C’mon, folks, I got blogs to read! (And sporadically write.)

    NEway, I think the FB dimaflaggie is a one-way gate: if I press it, it’ll send your blog to my wall, but it won’t automatically send to your friends unless you link it through a fan club application … I think. I know that your “friends” won’t automatically appear here as “followers” [disciples? :^)=)]; they’ll have to do either the Google thingy or the RSS button.

  14. nasman2 says:

    I signed up for the thingy using the twitter thingy. I’m too swamped to stay connected to most of these thingys. My phone does a poor job of twitter updates and I’m too preoccupied with real life to figure out how to make it function better.

    However I do miss the twitter updates for Zchat, which I haven’t done in a while.

  15. SophiaGrace says:

    Yes, I signed up with the Google Thingy… which is a good thing(y) … right? And I’m hoping to swing by Z-chat again soon… which is another good thing-y! And I will take this opportunity to thank you, Father Z, for ALL that you do. You remain in my prayers.

  16. MaryAgnesLamb says:

    Signed up for the Goggle Thingy in the sidebar! Well i do have cat(s), but i am sticking with my lamb.

  17. Allan S. says:

    No, I did not sign up. It requires a google ID or some kind of other ID which I do not have. I don’t want to apply for all these IDs if I don’t need them. I have signed up with Fr. Z to access his site, and that suffices. I hope.

  18. Melody says:

    I signed in with my google ID, although my computer still goes to this one.

    Another way to say “Catholic” is “Cat-holic.” Surely our Holy Father is an example of this.

  19. Agnes says:

    I don’t get it. Why a Google thingy? Cats, I can understand, and Cat-holics, a very permissible addiction. Google thingies, I do not.

    Technology frightens me.

  20. Tewkes says:

    I already had the google ID thingie for email, and the most attractive photo I have is of the kitten we rescued. I scare small children with my face, so I use the kitten’s instead of my own.

  21. Melody says:

    Father: LOL!

  22. liebemama says:

    I’m just wondering… WHY? “Join this site”
    What does it mean?
    Is it a better way to support you, Fr. Z?
    But I do love reading all the comments about this …. thing-y.

  23. Peggy R says:

    I am a luddite. I do text, not pics. [My huz is the camera and computer geek.] I don’t get the Google thingy and other social networking.

    Yet, I have put in a bid for a Kindle for the B-Day. [Can I still get it if my BDay is during Lent, as usual?]

    Hope your flight is exceedingly dull.

  24. Magpie says:

    I still don’t know what this Google side bar thing is. I’ve signed up to it, but my life has not changed as a result.

  25. Agnes says:

    Magpie, perhaps… it is not there to entertain us… I wonder if… should we … somehow… be entertaining… IT ???

    I fear a heresy in the works…. At the sound of trumpets, lutes, cymbals, harps, and all manner of noise, all must subscribe to the Google Thingy. I say RESIST!

  26. Laurinda1230 says:

    I can’t say that I think the google-thingy is a great feature but I signed up.

    A request: I think a more useful thing for myself and maybe others would be a search bar on the side for this site. So many things are posted each day that even if I want something from a week ago I have to spend a lot of time scrolling and going back and sometimes pass it up and never find it. From experience blogs posted a month ago or more are unobtainable.

    I know you can go to google and put something in the search field like, “search wdtprscom/blog for:” but each time I have tried doing this I don’t have the exact phrase for that and thus become frustrated during my attempts. Can someone refresh my memory on how to do that? To summarize, a search bar would be lovely. :)

  27. Frank H says:

    Laurinda1230 –

    I think you want to try this: then the word you are searching for.

  28. Agnes of Prague says:

    I second Laurinda, why not have a search bar and people who really really want to could still use Google? just a thought. I was looking a few months ago for a detailed post on cassock-makers in the US and abroad and couldn’t find it. WDTPRS is so full of information that an in-house search bar would be a great help.

  29. Laurinda1230 says:

    Frank – Thank you!

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