A little cartoon irony

With a biretta tip to The Black Biretta, this was on the site Catholic Cartoons.

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  1. bdchatfi says:

    got to love the conformity of liberal diversity :)

  2. edwardo3 says:

    That’s hysterical! And as we say in these parts: “That ain’t right”!

  3. Central Valley says:

    Was this from the diocese of Fresno or Los Angeles, maybe both?

  4. All too true for modernists. Anything qualifies as diversity as long as it isn’t truth – or Truth.

  5. chironomo says:

    Diversity is only a virtue when the goal is diversity itself. Otherwise it fails to take into account that within a variety of ‘diverse” views, there may very well be views that are in conflict. It would seem that the concept of “diversity” is, fundamentally, at odds with the concept of “catholic” (little “C”). There can certainly be a variety of cultures, ethnicities, languages, etc…but can there really be a “diversity” of beliefs within a church that is “catholic” (united by common belief).

  6. Denis Crnkovic says:

    Been there, done that. This cartoon is real Schadenfreude. I used to sit on liturgy committees until it became obvious that most of the minds around me were so tightly clamped shut that they couldn’t be cracked open even with the papal Holy Year hammer. Well, the cartoon is right: four people with their own agenda, all angry at anything that isn’t “their way,” gang up on the vulnerable one. I’m afraid that this is what happens most of the time, inspite of our laying one brick at a time. The mortar has to set between those bricks, or the dissidents will come by and simply knock the bricks apart. I can list incident after incident over the past forty years where this has happened in my presence; the latest being this past year when our choir directors (husband and wife – both practitioners of great sacred music) were pretty much run out of town by the newly installed order priests. The couple got good jobs; we were left with insipid music, bad sermons and an almost palpable hatred of anything in Latin. I am not optimistic at this point that the “brick-by-brick” approach will really result in a magnificent edifice.

  7. irishgirl says:

    ‘Diversity’-one of those words that grate on my nerves.

    ‘Empower’ is another….but I digress…

    Good cartoon, though!

  8. Central Valley says:

    Liturgical committees always directed to man and not to God.

  9. hindsy says:

    Nice cartoon. They forgot a few: the Rockstar Solo Mass at 7pm and the Sr. Manpants is preaching Mass at the 6pm Saturday.

    My parish has recently been asking parishoners to fill out a questionaire or rather an A-Praise-All as they called. Umm, for one thing I don’t Praise All, I Praise God. Secondly, are they really asking for our input about the Mass and other Parish Life? As for Parish Life, that’s one thing. But as for Mass, it’s not a question to be discussed by the congregation. There’s a rubric, follow it. No priest should ask the parish what he should preach on.

    As for my Sr. Manpants comment; I know it may be harsh, but it’s the unfortunate reality in some communities.

    In Christ,


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