“Do I get to come home?”

President Obama wants to kill NASA and the space program.

In reference to the poor little rover Spirit, stuck on Mars, a reader sent this cartoon:


I must admit I also hated Toy Story, one of the saddest movies ever made.

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  1. Random Friar says:

    What a trooper! Leave no man…er, Rover behind!

  2. Daniel_Nekic says:

    I love xkcd comics. Very clever and well written. I read them regularly. everyone else should too.

  3. JohnE says:

    Reminded me of WALL*E.

  4. Hans says:

    I have to agree that Toy Story was a sad movie, but I liked it even so.

  5. Jacob says:

    xkcd was fun until Randall ran out of ideas and stopped trying. Maybe he’s hit a second wind since I stopped reading.

    It’s a shame the Voyagers don’t get more coverage. They’re not quite as romantic and don’t enjoy the ‘little engine that could’ mystique, but they’re out there in deep space moving beyond the bounds of the solar system thirty years after launch.

  6. Peggy R says:

    I also thought Fr Z must mean Wall-E. Toy Story wasn’t sad, but Woody was actually not that likable a protagonist. Toy Story 2 was much more fun, although, again, Woody was self-centered and didn’t care about others that much, though he remained the leader.

  7. Sedgwick says:

    The reason Comrade Obama wants to kill the space program is that it represents American superiority and prestige – and we can’t have that at all, can we? Besides, according to him, America is “arrogant” – which in translation means that we have refused to knuckle under to the perverse dictates of the UN. This is just another means to change our arrogance to servility.

  8. Bthompson says:

    Just kidding, but that is a kind of sad comic.

  9. kat says:

    V-ger….hey, remember Star Trek??? And what really happened to V-ger???? LOLOL He’ll be back, to look for his “momma” on earth…and earth is in big trouble!

  10. Thomas S says:

    Wow, thanks for that downer to end the day!

  11. Mario Bird says:

    Fr. Z,

    By the noble and forthright sentiment that compelled you to share such pessimism, I implore, beg, exhort, encourage, and demand you to elaborate. This is serious. I have armaments of arguments aimed and loaded, but I have no idea where to aim them. This “melting into the ecclesial background” after a smash-and-grab job on us woefully unprepared aesthetes has got to stop. It’s just not fair, Padre.

    I hate guerilla posting.

    Dismayed and frustrated,

    Mario “I love Toy Story” Bird

  12. jesusthroughmary says:

    Mario, I concur and I stand ready to serve you in this battle. If by my life or death I can protect you, I will. You have my sword.

  13. Mario Bird says:

    Sigh. I feel like a knight on the abortive 4th Crusade. I will do my best to offer up my disappointment and retire to a monastery.

    Resisting the temptation to sack Byzantium,

    Mario “Ambivalence can be a cross, too” Bird

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