My view for a while

Another flight, hopefully boring.

I have a book on Shakespeare, sent from my wish list by a reader, and an iPod with audio books, and Bose noise cacelling headphones… and even ear plugs to shut everything out.

So, I hope for a boring flight and an even more tedious landing.

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  1. Fr Z: I’m sorry to say this but, Glad it’s not me.
    Couldn’t imagine flying on a plane. Would have to do it under “holy obedience.”
    Safe travels. Godspeed!

  2. wanda says:

    Prayers for your safe travels with extra angels along.

  3. Melania says:

    You’re coming into my area of the country. I thought I was in a TLM wasteland. What could bring you here?

  4. iudicame says:


    My Face-booking, shoe-shopping, too much eye-make-up-ing 15 yr old daughter announced the other day that she loves The Bard. Shock & amazement here. I’ll take your read as a confirmatory omen.


  5. gloriainexcelsis says:

    Ben Johnson said of Shakespeare,”He was not of an age but for all time.”

  6. What you learn from this book is how much The Bard was a political and religious activist in his own day.

  7. capchoirgirl says:

    Shadowplay is GERAT, as is Joseph Pearce’s “The Quest for Shakespeare.”

  8. Grabski says:

    Don’t leave out “Shakespeare the Papist” by Fr. Peter Milward, S.J.

  9. New Sister says:

    Bon voyage, mon père …

  10. chironomo says:

    I only have to fly once every so many years…the last time was in 2000…and for that I am thankful! Can’t imagine getting on a plane these days. My prayers are with you!

  11. irishgirl says:

    May the Archangel Raphael keep you safe-and Our Lady of Loreto, too!

  12. JohnE says:

    How in the world did you get your knees out of the picture? At times like that I sometimes wish God had made me the 5-foot 140-lb Japanese man these planes were designed for.

  13. JohnE: I was in the exit row, which helps.

  14. I recently read Shadowplay myself and found it most intriguing. Some Eng Lit types I know are a bit skeptical about it but it certainly gives Shakespeare’s work a new interest for Catholics. Enjoy. And I hope that the flight is boring and that you have one of those pilots like the one I had who announced after the plane hit the ground smoothly “Well that’s kept up my record: number of take-offs equals number of landings.”

  15. catholicmidwest says:

    I love to fly. I went to Rome 3 weeks after 911. But I’m holding off for now–too many weird things in the news and in the white house.

    Be careful and safe travels, Fr. Z.

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