Palin… in comparison, and in the news

In the news in more way than one.

I just heard that former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin is going to be a Fox News contributor and even as a host!

That should be interesting!

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  1. Liz F says:

    I guess I’ve been on Facebook too much lately. I was trying to find the “like” button. :o)

  2. EXCHIEF says:

    Her role will be to rally the conservatives around a candidate (not her) that can re-take the Presidency in 2012. Of equal importance, her role will be to rally the moderates who are drawn by her personality and frank speech to unseat dems in congress in the Nov 2010 election. And, though she is being raked over the coals for saying it, I believe she was chosen by God for that role.

  3. TomG says:

    What a splendid woman she is. SHE is the true feminist!

  4. It will be interesting to see how this partnership works out. I like Palin quite a bit, and have been less than enchanted for the past few years with Fox news.

    I do cover her a bit on my blog, and have long been a fan but that is mostly due to my love of Alaska and my move up here.

    I think she will play a major role in the 2012 regardless of it she runs or not. I know it doesn’t take an oracle to figure that out, but there are some that doubt she will factor at all, and I think that is absurd.

  5. markomalley says:

    I just can’t picture Sarah Palin as a blonde. [LOL!]

  6. New Sister says:

    Bravo, Sarah!

    BTW, I recommend her book, “Going Rogue”

  7. Subvet says:

    When I initially heard of this my first thought was, “So she WON’T be running for President.” When was the last time a news reporter/commentator ran for national office?

    But it DOES put her more squarely in the role of kingmaker, as EXCHIEF has already noted. Perhaps this is what she’s been angling for since the election?

    No matter how you slice it the next several years will be interesting.

  8. TomG says:

    >I just can’t picture Sarah Palin as a blonde.

    ROTFLM*O: Excellent, markomalley!

  9. Luis says:

    I agree that should be very interesting! My wife and I are very big fans of Gov Palin. Incidentally, did anyone hear Glenn Beck’s radio show today… he apparently visited the Vatican this weekend. He was going on and on about all the marvelous stuff he saw in the Vatican secret archives, paintings, etc. He said he would like to do a documentary on the Tower of the Winds. I know he is a lapsed Catholic but it he wouldn’t be the first convert who swam the Tiber after researching Vatican history.

  10. jasoncpetty says:

    I think that’s the only place on the national stage I’d be comfortable watching her. Seems like a positive development all around.

    Also, markomalley nailed it. :)

  11. Fox News is exactly where Palin belongs. Actually, there’s nothing interesting about it at all.

  12. capchoirgirl says:

    Hey! I’m a blonde! :-P

  13. markomalley says:

    Hey! I’m a blonde! :-P
    Comment by capchoirgirl — 11 January 2010 @ 7:10 pm

    Have you submitted your resume to Roger Ailes?

    (BTW, don’t take my comment above as saying anything about blondes, but an observation about Fox News hostettes)

  14. EXCHIEF says:

    When Palin resigned her Governorship it seemed clear that she had abandoned forever the idea of running for higher office. I have followed her closely because I think she may well be a catalyst for the re-birth of “American Values” (really Judeo-Christian values) in the political landscape. I see her role (and knowing someone who knows her gives some insight) as using her Fox position to encourage Mr & Mrs mainstream USA (who the socialists/libs ARE NOT) to come together to oust the current regime. In that regard I pray for her to be successful. Having said that, if she were to run I would not be inclined to vote for her unless she were the lesser of two evils….which she might well be. But I seriously doubt she will run.

  15. ssoldie says:

    As Fox news is my favorite news channel, I am delighted she will be joining the Fox Team. She will be an asset.

  16. Kimberly says:

    Fox news channel is the only news channel that has REAL women on it, blond or not. Palin will fit in great!

  17. Kerry says:

    From this post on the battlements, she can fire, both direct and counter battery, onto the masses of dying dinosaurs in the MSM tar swamps. If, for instance, the not-so-reverend Wright was Sarah Palin’s not Pres. B+’s minister, and we switch out the black liberation hate the honkey BS sermonizing for white liberation, hate the untermenschen spieling, would we have heard the end of it yet? The tar swamp dinosaurs are the enemies of Liberty.

  18. Mickey says:

    Kerry…spot on.

    I think she should move to contact, lay down heavy enfilading fire, and once she’s gained fire superiority, assault through the defending line and devastate them through fire, manuever, and shock effect.

    Unless, of couse, there’s a fast mover on orbit above so she can rain down JDAMS on them, then assault through the debris…

    Has the Rebellion started yet, or am I just early?

    All tongue and cheek of course…I’m not advocating real violence, just looking forward to hearing her direct manner of speaking the truth about the American way of life and governance :-)

  19. robtbrown says:

    I just can’t picture Sarah Palin as a blonde. [LOL!]
    Comment by markomalley

    Julie Banderas is not blonde.

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